Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) version 4.11.0 Release Note

This document provides information on the Alfresco Application Development Framework v4.11.0.

You can find release artifacts on GitHub.


New Package Versions



This is a minor release of the Alfresco Application Development Framework containing bug fixes and enhancements.


  • 9c134ba10 Convert login fields validation e2e to unit (#7674)
  • 81e58ecfb [AAE-9094] - Fix app breaking when configured with BASIC auth (#7672)
  • 1b20e17ed [AAE-8076] Add groupsRestriction input to docs (#7645)
  • a4202d81b [ADF-5479] Disable clam/release button for standalone tasks on APA (#7670)
  • 7e485ff63 Update content-node-selector.component.scss (#7673)
  • 34e8832ba [AAE-8155] Fix typo in providers (#7669)
  • 4d1c72962 [AAE-8155] Check if it is content admin only when content provider is available (#7667)
  • 55b68373f [ADF-5272] fe files upload form width is increasing if we upload file name too long (#7666)
  • 0d96b4413 [AAE-8740] Fix default ConfirmDialogComponent title (#7665)
  • d8a4b5bcd [AAE-8748] - Auth guards call api when access is not in JWT (#7662)
  • c95ff1a83 Update process variable column type (#7664)
  • c05259e6c [AAE-7856] Show variables columns for tasks (#7659)
  • f3e4ff5aa [AAE-7856] Show process variables in table (#7630)
  • aeb5bff26 [AAE-8740 Add a confirmation message in ADW (#7660)
  • 7c13a99ed [AAE-8948] Fix placeholders styles for left labels (#7656)
  • 243803d4d [AAE-8929] Get start event form static inputs (#7652)
  • 4457aed5b [AAE-6242] upload a new version of a file attached in a form (#7651)
  • 95fd3e822 fix small viewport attach file (#7650)
  • f11ae24d7 Revert "[AAE-8713] feat: create api registry with factories support (… (#7647)
  • dbbfa11f5 test: remove flaky file upload e2e test (#7648)
  • b13a5cc28 [AAE-8856] Enable left label for form widgets in several widgets (#7640)
  • d4779360d use default profile email as scope (#7639)
  • 226a6548a [AAE-8713] feat: create api registry with factories support (#7634)
  • 95fc29568 [AAE-7817] Add columns selector for processes and tasks tasks (#7612)
  • 1e3099b99 [AAE-7077] Reset people content service cache on logout (#7637)
  • 1762ba5af [AAE-8764] Enable left labels in text, number and dropdown cloud widget (#7628)
  • cec9297e1 [AAE-8639] Discovery OpenId - Load discovery and pass info to jsapi (#7632)
  • 6fb1bda6a Added missing top-level export for MainMenuDataTableTemplateDirective (#7633)
  • fa82d3216 [ci:force] Fix failing copy to clipboard test (#7631)
  • 24e5893a5 [AAE-8648] Fix deprecated copy to clipboard api (#7610)
  • 0b2e218b8 Add eslint ban rule (#7611)
  • e844faff7 [MNT-22924] Fix slow search results loading, limit number of pages (#7609)
  • fd0626391 [AAE-8659] fix eslint configuration for rxjs (#7607)
  • 762979740 [AAE-7817] Show hide columns on datatable (#7580)
  • 5cfbd6ffc Added font awesome to icons model map (#7616)
  • 6d60e452e Fix demo shell proxies (#7613)

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