Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) version 6.0.0-A.2 Release Note

This document provides information on the Alfresco Application Development Framework v6.0.0-A.2.

You can find release artifacts on GitHub.


New Package Versions



This is a major release of the Alfresco Application Development Framework containing upgrade to Angular 14. With the current upgrade of the Angular framework, the suggested stack has also being updated:


For a complete list of changes, supported browsers and new feature please refer to the official documentation


  • 4f7f5b0af [LOC-405] - Updated string in process-services-cloud in 16 languages for ADF 6.0 (#8177)
  • a5a9a1e45 [AAE-12135] Added process ui to subprocess app (#8173)
  • 570bfb235 [ACA-4650] Use NodeCommentsService for ADF_COMMENTS_SERVICE (#8169)
  • eb8bad1f9 [AAE-12124] Use a function to remove js files (#8157)
  • 59df5c661 enable e2e: C260040 (#8155)
  • bd9127d96 AAE-11884 change tag sha action (#8118)
  • 32e4564e1 Revert "[ACS-4051] Copy to clipboard button is now accessible through the keyboard enter earlier which was only accessible through mouse click (#8119)" - (#8159)
  • cc33c5dec adjust cron condition
  • 6138c16f4 AAE-12123 TAG_NPM fix
  • a412b4530 [AAE-12057] add description to unit tests
  • b99a574f9 AAE-12046 - add pre-condition on approval (#8145)
  • 616ae95c2 [ACS-4118] create a tag from tags list (#8143)
  • bbee01a80 [AAE-12123] env var interpolation bugfix
  • 067d4e936 [ACS-4051] Copy to clipboard button is now accessible through the keyboard enter earlier which was only accessible through mouse click (#8119)
  • 8a2f73ec2 correct run
  • 55b146044 add pre-condition on approved PR
  • 73e195341 [AAE-11989] Automate C586839 - Should be able to see the tooltip for form widget (#8138)
  • 0b9fb82de force e2e only after build-libs, lint, unit-tests (#8136)
  • f654fdf00 [AAE-1274] CI opt - Build only core/content/process storybook (#8139)
  • 34e550807 [AAE-11992] pass only the processInstanceId as Input instead of the entire taskFilter object (#8140)
  • 9d143cf94 AAE-12037 git-tag stage (#8124)
  • fe65f7c20 AAE-11940 - fix upstream flow - update-project script and upstream trigger (#8125)
  • f6fd813a2 [AAE-12057] unit tests fix (#8130)
  • 93edda226 [AAE-11992] fix processInstanceId filter empty: set taskFilter as input to check for the processInstanceId changes to set the filter (#8128)
  • 2bf1832fe AAE-11940 - npm err fix in trigger-adf workflow (#8122)
  • 9f77d4187 removed test tag (#8127)
  • e7624f031 enabling dry run
  • 1791534ec [ACA-4647] Fix for e2e (#8104)
  • fd6f881ea [AAE-11817] release fix eval condition
  • a564176cb AAE-11940 - fix alpha adf test in cron workflow (#8113)
  • c2ff725f0 [AAE-11817]-release-fix (#8120)
  • 48cadfaa2 [AAE-11817] fix release pipeline
  • 0d294ce72 [AAE-11708] Use perl regexp instead of reverse grep in changelog (#8114)
  • 10d49f458 AAE-11810 added conditional class to indicate validation error (#8090)
  • 198c23008 change cron schedule for cron workflow
  • f5b78bd57 change cron schedule for cron workflow
  • 5e11eaf60 AAE-11910 - cron schedule fix (#8105)
  • 80e4434f8 AAE-11910 - setup cron pipe to trigger alpha_adf and add a workflow_dispatch to execute manually adf tests (#8100)
  • ec2f34946 [#7902] Fix to enable cmaps with pdfjs (#8101)
  • f48cd3075 [AE-11486] move shared link in content and deprecate unused dialog service (#8091)
  • a0aab4709 export identity-group.service (#8099)
  • 6f6af8cd4 [AE-11486] remove unused comment services and improve doc (#8092)
  • aa37cad99 AAE-11910 - add a workflow_dispatch to execute manually adf tests from gha GUI (#8098)
  • b9e0221ca [AE-11486] move lock and favorite (#8089)
  • f7fdc5c92 [AAE-11916] gh secrets fix
  • 0d82ebccf [AAE-11913] Fix name of simpleapp (#8096)
  • 91d511dee [AAE-10994] Added task-executor forms and process to simpleapp (#8066)
  • 4da74f1c0 [AAE-10769] remove alfresco deps from datatable (#8045)
  • 85429b4cf [AAE-11882] demoshell fix; pipeline bugfix (#8093)
  • df340f2bb [AE-11486] move search service in alfresco content (#8086)
  • b48248fae move app process service in process-service (#8087)
  • 00dfd7c5d Update doc (#8085)
  • 093b1e8a6 [AAE-11891] move auth in auth folder (#8076)
  • ae126475f [AAE-11486] move NodeUdpdate in nodeapiservice (#8077)
  • 1855d8899 [AAE-11889] move sites service to content lib (#8073)
  • 0cb21d61a [AAE-11274] remove unnecessary var export (#8074)
  • 310b04919 [AAE-10315] fix karma 404 for images and certain errors in the Core unit tests (#8072)
  • bc7c05205 [AAE-11740] replaced api for starting process (#8052)
  • 2207156f3 [AAE-10319] unit test fixes for content-services lib
  • a535af667 [AAE-10773] Make Form core process agonostic (#8032)
  • eb27d38eb [AAE-11588] Send Process Variables as a post body in admin process instances (#8067)
  • d29ec85b1 [AAE-11822] fix demoshell and gh act. release
  • 266d30041 [AAE-11727] add suggested karma test explorer plugin (#8068)
  • 3864aaf9c [AAE-10768] Make the comments reusable (#7983)
  • 907757219 [AAE-10776] NodeNameTooltipPipe moved in content service pkg (#8048)
  • 7fa5c0faa [AAE-11843]-fix-before_install_script (#8059)
  • d5592b9e0 AAE-11714 changed max-width for cropped image (#8054)
  • 02578dcdc [AAE-10767] Separate core card view logic from content-services and add documentation to reflect the changes (#7952)
  • 8d074e8b3 [AAE-11822] fix demoshell (#8057)
  • a73526ef8 [AAE-11822] fix/build-demoshell (#8055)
  • 280684c3a [AAE-10774] move host settings to demo shell (#8051)
  • 70e6d642f [AAE-7986] Migrate ADF from Travis to Github actions (#8050)
  • 8efbd7067 [AAE-10775] remove js-api dependency for pagination (#8046)
  • d476f16a0 [AAE-11763] cleanup ADF root package config (#8044)
  • 69f0419ff [ADF-5508] Fix half hidden checkmark icon (#8039)
  • f094ace1c [AAE-11695] add breaking changes notes (#8043)
  • c1cffa9cf [ACS-3757] returning focus to element from which they were opened (#8034)
  • ef278bde7 AAE-11739 removed unnecessary api call when cancelling not started pr… (#8041)
  • 5edc1186a [AAE-11695] move version compatibility directive and service (#8038)
  • d89e3c806 [AAE-11653] Automate part of ADF Form Widgets (#8035)
  • c567054ce [AAE-11418] add missing rules prop to NavBar interfaces (#8040)
  • 5a557f999 [ACS-3553] Fix process page accessibility from csv(880320,880281) (#8037)

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