Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) version 6.0.0-A.3 Release Note

This document provides information on the Alfresco Application Development Framework v6.0.0-A.3.

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For a complete list of changes, supported browsers and new feature please refer to the official documentation


  • 99db02b9d Fix typo in ADF cli changelog command (#8328)
  • b156e866b quick fix username adf
  • aa6b5089b quick fix branch
  • fc224713f AAE-11918A - remove travis env var (#8312)
  • 2bc74f012 Regenerate package lock with lock file version 1 (#8326)
  • c890999c8 AAE-12860-build errors on cron
  • 713320b01 [ACS-4270] Content overlaps other content at 400% zoom width equivalent issue fixed (#8264)
  • 2f3c9f165 [ACS-4290] Changed filter icon to generic filter icon instead of the custom icon that was being used so far (#8237)
  • b5310f6b8 [ACS-4294] Added title to clear button and changed its icon type to clear from close (#8270)
  • 702891061 [ACS-4670] Removed View 0 More tags button when chip takes more than on… (#8307)
  • d26593e4d [ACS-4571] Move SecurityControlsService to ADF Content Lib (#8286)
  • 25d85c789 [ACS-4331] Add deleteTag method to tag service (#8126)
  • 2dccde9e6 publish on gh first (#8314)
  • 7d02ea61a Publish the adf pkgs on gh pkg registry (#8313)
  • e7bb097be Updated datatable component docs (#8309)
  • 90c8cb3ad Cron - Separate cron e2e from upstream and for different repo (#8300)
  • 8625a49df [ACS-4281] removed heading role from breadcrumbs. (#8278)
  • d41257983 fix concurrency: only on PR workflow (#8306)
  • fbccbb5a9 Fixed error on custom style and added doc for BC (#8297)
  • 69689876a HXOR-109 - add json checker in PR workflow (#8304)
  • 55ec15e17 Bump lint-staged from 13.1.0 to 13.1.2 (#8302)
  • c89714be8 AAE-12767 (#8299)
  • 8e3d5a9b9 [ACS-4326] Content was overlapping with other contents and some elements were missing when we zoom at 400% or 320px equivalent which is fixed (#8191)
  • 02dcd4fb4 [ACS-4565] add search for categories tree in admin cc (#8279)
  • 477d49eae AAE-12578 added fn to save col width with preferences (#8296)
  • b87610209 trigger upstream daily for hxp monorepo (#8298)
  • f76e10ff0 AAE-12274: Added support for column resizing to process and task lists (#8275)
  • 4aa2e0eb8 AAE-12273: Implemented column resizing directive (#8272)
  • 058cd9e01 [AAE-10594] Run unit tests in headless mode (#8141)
  • 2062d4744 add content-app option in update ADF workflow
  • f8f6d145f AAE-12721-PR-closed-check (#8282)
  • c00c7643b AAE-12716 updated the typography documentation (#8277)
  • 05e203363 [AAE-12675] update pdfjs version to fix sign problem (#8266)
  • 384628197 Being able to upstream alfresco-apps or alfresco-applications (#8280)
  • f18fd9408 [AAE-12668] refactored typography for themes (#8268)
  • 41f135df0 [ACS-4634] Add ADF and JS API upstream to applications repo (#8274)
  • 9014a85ed [AAE-12662] Get rid of multiplicity of "more than one element found for locator" warnings in tests caused by redundant click (#8273)
  • 96075ae45 [AAE-10779] User info component refactor (#8187)
  • c5710c0e6 [AAE-12134] unit test: Should be able to set number of columns for Header widget (#8267)
  • 275d30b04 [ACS-4257] - Resolved a11y issue around jumping focus (#8168)
  • a1ec61f85 use one bucket variable to avoid: (#8263)
  • 0ba076722 [ACS-3742] extra cfg support for shell navbar (#8256)
  • bcfa48894 [ACS-4252] Resolved accessibility issues around inherited permissions popover (#8222)
  • b1311c696 [ACS-4124] Display only as much tags as fits container in tag node list (#8247)
  • 6e99dd663 [ACS-4322] content overlap issue fixed at 400% zoom and close button which was earlier not visible at 400% zoom is visible now. (#8201)
  • 5ce855390 upgrade js-editor to drop cypress dependency (#8249)
  • 99015fee8 Update dependabot.yml (#8252)
  • e16bed611 [AAE-12260] - fixing form field mapping (#8243)
  • 5d2dddee2 [ACS-4254] Delete permissions button is now keyboard interact-able (enter key) (#8216)
  • d873306c7 AAE-12192 - adding upload artifacts action (#8172)
  • dd1feeec6 [ACS-4296] adding mapping in tags service (#8240)
  • 08b4cc793 Update rebase.yml
  • 7c6ce0a5f [AAE-12558] Fix load content-services translation resources (#8241)
  • b9c53e586 AAE-12139 disabled start process btn when clicked and api call in pro… (#8160)
  • cd84be971 Fix cli compilation (#8244)
  • 1a00249f6 [ADF-5514] Fix red dot still present after filter being cleared (#8181)
  • 4c7e500ea Move search-input-text from content-services to core (#8239)
  • c12b4284e [AAE-12249] add description field (#8226)
  • a0333b1d9 [AAE-12412] bot & schedule check fix
  • 857f9bd2b [AAE-12532] remove pipelines from travis.yml (#8229)
  • e59176d39 [ACS-4274] Add role heading and aria level in header template (#8192)
  • 65e0c2405 [ACS-4051] Copy to clipboard button is now accessible through the keyboard (#8225)
  • d50aa9192 Fix alfresco-apps upstream build 260285240: export search-text-input.model from content-services (#8227)
  • e0dfc9a8e [ACS-4296] changes required after removing tags service from apps (#8223)
  • 3f8293b64 Revert "[ACS-4051] Copy to clipboard button is now accessible through the keyboard enter earlier which was only accessible through mouse click (#8165)" (#8224)
  • e8a3d109d Label is not persistent as placeholder is being used as the only visual label for a text field (#8221)
  • 4043d55fc [AAE-10778] Refactor Viewer (#7992)
  • 52520bb61 [ACS-4364] Move tree component and categories service to ADF (#8156)
  • afb22bbc0 Revert "[ACS-4307] Label is not persistent as placeholder is being used as the only visual label for a text field (#8213)" (#8220)
  • ca49693bd AAE-12452 - Version published in NPM should have PR number id in the name not gh-run_id (#8218)
  • a720edd2c [ACS-4307] Label is not persistent as placeholder is being used as the only visual label for a text field (#8213)
  • 1f450c059 [AAE-11654] Fix default option being selectable when parent dropdown … (#8146)
  • 0ab39e28f [AAE-12179] Remove process-services and content-services dependencies… (#8161)
  • 11c3a02ac [ACS-4051] Copy to clipboard button is now accessible through the keyboard enter earlier which was only accessible through mouse click (#8165)
  • 4f25426c2 [AAE-10777] Move in common service the real common services (#8203)
  • 89b79c9e4 [AAE-12146] Update getFeature typings (#8167)
  • 71e7fc0bf AAE-12412 alfresco-build user whitelisted (#8214)
  • d6e8e7a3b AAE-12412 - dependabot actor check (#8210)
  • 2d386c589 AAE-12357: update unit test name (#8197)
  • 2a45c1e7a fix the private access to the service variables (#8202)
  • b50377347 [ACS-4411] updateTag method added to tags service (#8200)
  • efb2558c3 Exclue snackbar from screen reader (#8199)
  • 266d3aa9b [AAE-11700] add process to simpleapp (#8198)
  • b6cf14c84 [ACS-4263] Add 'aria-pressed' attribute for reset button on content viewer page (#8183)
  • 4a3bc568a [AAE-11708] Fix changelog author filtering programatically (#8178)
  • 42dbfe25a fix gha warnings for outdated actions (#8194)
  • 2c248a611 [AAE-8306] - Managed to disable complete/claim/release buttons on first click (#8166)
  • 588ffe0fa AAE-10979: Added support to display html icon for mht file format (#8133)
  • 61a3e30c3 [AAE-12127] Test: The aspect added in config is displayed even if inc… (#8158)
  • facc4f6b0 visible label are associated (#8176)
  • 3df6bcea2 AAE-12063 removed startCreatedProcess with relevant unit tests (#8131)
  • f02272ac6 AAE-12239: Managed to populate processInstanceId in service tasks filters when navigating from process instances view (#8174)
  • 1746fcf65 [ACS-4253] - Added aria-label to form element (#8170)
  • 46717cdd4 [ACS-4413] Upgrade CodeQL analysis to v2 (#8184)

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