Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) version 3.5.0 Release Note

These release notes provide information about the 3.5.0 release of the Alfresco Application Development Framework.

This is the latest General Available release of the Application Development Framework, which contains the Angular components to build a Web Application on top of the Alfresco Platform.

The release can be found on GitHub at this location.

See the ADF roadmap for details of features planned for future versions of ADF.


New package versions

"@alfresco/adf-content-services" : "3.5.0"
"@alfresco/adf-process-services" : "3.5.0"
"@alfresco/adf-core" : "3.5.0"
"@alfresco/adf-insights" : "3.5.0",
"@alfresco/adf-extensions": "3.5.0"

Goals for this release

This is the fifth minor release of ADF since February 2019 when version 3.0.0 was released.

The highlights of this release include additional support for Activiti 7 and improved accessibility.

Please report issues with this release in the issue tracker. You can collaborate on this release or share feedback by using the discussion tools on Gitter.

Improved accessibility

This release provides fixes for some accessibility issues and improves the overall accessibility of ADF based applications. Refer to the list of issues for details of the enhancements and fixes.


The SSO experience has been enhanced by providing whitelist access to public routes and support for logout requests via the Alfresco Identity Management Service.


This release includes: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish versions.


The following is a brief list of references to help you get started with the new release:

Please refer to the official documentation for further details and suggestions.

Issues addressed

The following is the list of JIRA issues that were closed for this release:

    Release Notes - Apps Development Framework - Version 3.5.0


  • [ADF-4919] - Reviewing the ADF documentation


  • [ADF-4738] - [Process -Cloud] Move GroupCloudService to adf-core lib
  • [ADF-4828] - [ADF] [ProcessListCloudComponent] Add action and context menu.
  • [ADF-4829] - [ADF] [TaskListCloudComponent] Add action and context menu.
  • [ADF-4854] - Cloud Task List should expose "stickyHeader" attribute
  • [ADF-4878] - About Component refactor
  • [ADF-4894] - Json datatable column and edit/view dialog



  • [ADF-4814] - Improve About component to display current version running
  • [ADF-4820] - CI/CD - Automatic github Tag on the release process.


  • [ADF-4764] - The amount field placeholder is misleading after completing a task
  • [ADF-4794] - Not able to attach a second file to a form after one has already been attached
  • [ADF-4798] - [ADF] [adf-content-node-selector] File icons are not showing properly
  • [ADF-4810] - Cannot access public routes, when authentication is OAUTH & silent login enabled
  • [ADF-4824] - ADF should logout user when token request fails
  • [ADF-4826] - [ADF] Process/Task list first displays "No Process/Task Found" and then loads the Process/Tasks
  • [ADF-4830] - DocumentList - sort state is not being announced
  • [ADF-4831] - DocumentList - filetype alternative text is not meaningful
  • [ADF-4845] - Uploader - Expanded/collapsed state not exposed
  • [ADF-4847] - Not able to find any user in Assignee field when creating a task
  • [ADF-4848] - Visibility conditions on forms on ADF on APS1 is not working
  • [ADF-4862] - Upload dialog - reading order
  • [ADF-4865] - Upload Dialog - row actions not accessible by keyboard alone
  • [ADF-4868] - [APS-1] adf-content-node-selector seems broken when we upload from External Alfresco content service
  • [ADF-4887] - Value of invisible number field is not sent in the payload
  • [ADF-4899] - Fix Community Edition Templates in Generator
  • [ADF-4905] - ADF starts different process instance than process selected in the dropdown
  • [ADF-4906] - [ADF] Not able upload file from ACS when start process with form
  • [ADF-4909] - Hide the plugins section of About page when it's empty
  • [ADF-4913] - [Regression] Text ellipsis in Gallery View
  • [ADF-4914] - Fix update version script for Modeler and Generator
  • [ADF-4922] - Fix update project script for Generator and Modeler
  • [ADF-4926] - Cloud form attachments are not downloaded correctly


  • [ADF-4799] - [E2E] Automate CardView clear date button
  • [ADF-4801] - [E2E] Create automation for CardView dropdown None option
  • [ADF-4807] - Automate Form date fields - Incorrect validation for date fields - Only YYYY-MM-DD date display format is working
  • [ADF-4809] - [E2E] Automate test for non-editable form in completed task
  • [ADF-4811] - Enhance notification service to handle translation params
  • [ADF-4813] - Disable control flow in ADF e2e
  • [ADF-4821] - CI/CD - automatic release generate GITHUB_TOKEN
  • [ADF-4833] - Adf-cli - Expose an npm-publish command
  • [ADF-4834] - CI/CD - Publish the alpha from travis instead of bamboo
  • [ADF-4839] - DocList - Link does not have a role
  • [ADF-4846] - CLONE - Move to ADF the styles from the adf-style-fixes.theme.scss file
  • [ADF-4850] - CI/CD Add check bundle on Travis
  • [ADF-4858] - adf-process-services is not angular cli compatible
  • [ADF-4860] - CI/CD Add a travis cron job to release the beta
  • [ADF-4863] - Introduce the npx to simplify the pipeline
  • [ADF-4866] - Update Generator i18n script
  • [ADF-4867] - Refactor the adf-error-component to allow transclusion on actions
  • [ADF-4871] - Translation keys for the ADF 3.5.0 release
  • [ADF-4873] - Release note for ADF 3.5.0
  • [ADF-4875] - Vulnerabilities report for ADF 3.5.0
  • [ADF-4877] - Third party libraries licenses for ADF 3.5.0
  • [ADF-4885] - Ready to release for ADF 3.5.0
  • [ADF-4892] - DocumentList - set appropriate sort state for active and inactive column sort
  • [ADF-4896] - Unifying NotificationModel and Service between applications

Feature (Task)

  • [ADF-4816] - Refactor and improve About component to display current version in use
  • [ADF-4852] - Implement adf-cli update-commit-sha in pipeline

Please refer to the Alfresco issue tracker for other known issues in this release. If you have any questions about the release, please contact us using Gitter.

Thanks to the whole application team and the amazing Alfresco community for the hard work.

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