Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) version 4.10.0 Release Note

This document provides information on the Alfresco Application Development Framework v4.10.0.

You can find release artifacts on GitHub.


New Package Versions



This is a minor release of the Alfresco Application Development Framework containing bug fixes and enhancements.


  • 3f7316f39 use all the filter fields to count the elements (#7595)
  • abd540325 [AAE-8565] multiple use viewer in form (#7594)
  • 6174f8e10 Fix reules event filtering when no form is provided (#7592)
  • 039f167b7 [ADF-5480] Fix partially hidden icon on permissions (#7591)
  • 6fcac9f5f [AAE-8554] - Fix linked dropdown values are displayed but not submitted (#7590)
  • d26204cd9 [AAE-7819] Fix for custom header (#7585)
  • 694d71a10 [AAE-8061] Add groups restriction to people widget (#7586)
  • 6963bef09 [AAE-8086] Add form field changed event (#7584)
  • 714123064 [AAE-7313] User can claim a task only if he is an candidate and relea… (#7558)
  • 61cd711ce [AAE-8086] Remove form rules events that kill performance (#7583)
  • 2db6d9e50 Provide preference services on for tasks/processes on component module level (#7579)
  • a02a8a4ad [AAE-8086] Propagate form events (#7572)
  • 48c3fac01 [AAE-7819] Change column order - enable drag and drop for datatable - 1/3
  • e89cea79b Update
  • cad4c4184 [AAE-7818] e2e - Task involved users can access process instance details (#7554)
  • 574027321 [ci:force] Manually upgrade to latest js-api (#7560)
  • 1c2d9ee83 [AAE-5880] Add Tasks Create, DueDate range testing methods in the testing page (#7549)

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