Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) version 4.9.0 Release Note

These release notes provide information about the 4.9.0 release of the Alfresco Application Development Framework.

This is the latest General Available release of the Application Development Framework, which contains the Angular components to build a Web Application on top of the Alfresco Platform.

The release can be found on GitHub at this location.


New package versions

"@alfresco/adf-content-services" : "4.9.0"
"@alfresco/adf-process-services" : "4.9.0"
"@alfresco/adf-core" : "4.9.0"
"@alfresco/adf-insights" : "4.9.0",
"@alfresco/adf-extensions": "4.9.0"
"@alfresco/adf-testing": "4.9.0"
"@alfresco/adf-cli": "4.9.0"

Goals for this release

This is a minor release of the Alfresco Application Development Framework, developed to receive the latest and greatest benefits of the bugfixes, and the enhancements planned since the release of the previous version.

Please report issues with this release in the issue tracker. You can collaborate on this release or share feedback by using the discussion tools on Gitter.

PR merged


  • b4b25ca71 [AAE-7705] unexclude fixed test (#7547)
  • e8b895778 Playwright travis.yml update (#7545)
  • 9fdefb578 [AAE-7376] Added process instance link in task details (#7544)
  • 6ce7bb776 [AAE-7801] Export TaskListCloudServiceInterface and BaseCloudService (#7546)
  • 736ec5d92 [ADF-5472] Missing placeholder for inplace input (#7541)
  • 83951c64c additional unit tests for Viewer component (#7543)
  • 3dc9f7cdf [AAE-7765] Improved display mandatory form fields (#7531)
  • e877cd822 [AAE-7338] Changed endpoint for process task list (#7522)
  • a0c7631ab [AAE-7160] Setup Playwright in ADF - Storybook testing (#7537)
  • 25eaf9d02 [ADF-5470][E2E Automation] Test cases failing on the newest Chrome b… (#7539)
  • 14a777c5d [AAE-6345] New start process page APA (#7521)
  • 75f7360a3 [AAE-7662] attach file modal TabPage selector update - protractor (#7538)
  • bac506e09 Give the ability to specify a different sso host from the gateway (#7535)
  • f995284bb Allow to trigger upstream on demand
  • 8d73cc179 [AAE-7501] Fix SCSS deprecation warnings (#7519)
  • d55d724bd Update
  • 860a6725b Update
  • 0365143e3 [AAE-6376] Adding Sort by Category service (#7502)
  • 6ccc39d0f [ACA-4557] Upload Dialog fixes and refactoring (#7507)
  • 7c171eaf8 [MNT-22865] fix get all task variables (#7508)
  • 9f72e30fb [AAE-7242] fix eslint warnings for content services project (#7505)
  • bca5a783a fix eslint warnigs for core project (#7506)
  • 5b7f255ee [AAE-7244] fix process services cloud eslint warnings (#7503)
  • e017423c8 [AAE-7243] fix process services eslint warnings (#7498)
  • 1a6746ff3 [MNT-22649] Support for concurrent uploads and configurable thread count (#7496)
  • 5ee4482c6 [AAE-5840] adding selected file counter locator (#7495)
  • 765badc72 [AAE-7246] fix eslint warnings for Testing project (#7490)
  • 670d2befd [AAE-6823] Customize font (#7493)
  • 5b4d49bc0 [AAE-5840] Adding dropdown method needed for e2e test (#7494)
  • 8048cbeb2 [AAE-7241] fix eslint warnings for Extensions project (#7491)
  • 8a03e7a2e [AAE-7245] fix Insights eslint warnings (#7489)
  • f9be037c4 fix eslint issues in CLI project (#7492)
  • 3205a3da7 [AAE-5869] Added missing methods for e2e's (#7480)
  • 8dc736e8f [AAE-7100] migrate ADF projects to eslint (#7483)
  • b8bb23441 [AAE-7100] ESLint support for ADF Core and DemoShell projects (#7481)
  • 6ef483868 [AAE-5835] Add unit test to check is selected Process/Task filter highlighting (#7474)
  • d6dd595c0 Upgrade simpleapp - added attach file form with invalid destination path (#7482)
  • 3aa629d4b [AAE-7119] Fix circular dependencies (#7472)

If you have any questions about the release, please contact us using Gitter.

Thanks to the whole application team and the amazing Alfresco community for the hard work.

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