Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) version 5.0.0 Release Note

This document provides information on the Alfresco Application Development Framework v5.0.0.

You can find release artifacts on GitHub.


New Package Versions



This is a major release of the Alfresco Application Development Framework containing upgrade to Angular 14. With the current upgrade of the Angular framework, the suggested stack has also being updated:


For a complete list of changes, supported browsers and new feature please refer to the official documentation


To migrate custom code and application to Angular 14, please refer to the offcial documentation.

Note:: Consider the possibility of leveraging ADF v5.0.0-angular.13.2, a version of ADF compatible with Angular 13 that is meant to be used as intermediate step towards ADF v5. with angular v14.

A breaking change worth mentioning is related to style import. with ADF v5.0.0 an extra lib is required.


previous versions of ADF : @import '~@alfresco/adf-core/prebuilt-themes/adf-blue-orange.css';

starting ADF 5.0.0 : @import '~@alfresco/adf-core/lib/prebuilt-themes/adf-blue-orange.css';


  • 2fd10b2fe [ADF-5500] Set mat-checkbox display to block in order to takes up the whole width and shows checkboxes one below the other (#7815)
  • 47e62c113 [ACA-4609] Fix regression checkbox list shown horizontally (#7813)
  • 8e9cb07cd rename the schame appconfig (#7805)
  • 76bbe582f [AAE-10377] Changed from namespace to default import (#7803)
  • 9352daf79 [AAE-10472] upgrade apollo libraries to Angular 14 compatible versions (#7799)
  • b2ac4b416 Not anymore used (#7802)
  • 109e99786 Short circuit e2e in case lib not affected (#7801)
  • b90b12952 Fix assignment type translations (#7793)
  • 9547e78f0 Update (#7796)
  • 147fb5672 [AAE-9464] - Fetch image from ACS only in case of ECM (#7779)
  • 6f209726e [AAE-10472] Upgrade and deprecate libs (#7788)
  • 4a39161ad Run everyting in case of CRON
  • 38e9cc9f4 Run e2e only when lib affected (#7791)
  • c7d769510 [AAE-9186] Filter tasks by assignee (#7784)
  • 2ef40b150 [AAE-10219] Add css to align according to alignment property in RadioField (#7750)
  • 76c98c53e [AAE-10460] fix storybook config (#7785)
  • 1fa81962a 👽 Angular 14 rebase 👽 (#7769)
  • 53bc5aab2 change wrong licence header dates (#7781)
  • 0d3db534f Fix incorrect import in card view array (#7774)
  • 2a522579c [AAE-10214] Storybook ErrorContent Component (#7761)
  • 972aa256e [AAE-10220] Storybook stories for Info Drawer component (#7757)
  • d3129e2ad [AAE-10202] Storybook EmptyContent component (#7745)
  • 104a93602 [AAE-10347] Remove playwright travis job duplication (#7772)
  • 07762308f ACA-4600 Added edit profile link (#7739)
  • 11e793257 [AAE-10261] SmartRunner fix (#7760)
  • d2a246ac2 [AAE-10292] Fix opening two dialogs for card view array items (#7770)
  • be0545801 [AAE-10105] Update Storybook to 6.5.10v (#7765)
  • 26c46cfb9 [AAE-10089] Process variables values are not shown for old tasks and … (#7744)

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