Localization in ADF

Localization is the process of making something local in character or restricting it to a particular place.

Dates are not written the same around the world. That is where localizing a date comes in handy. ADF lets you dynamically change the way dates are written in your app so that they can adapt to to a specific region.

Setting up the configuration in your app

You can overwrite the default values of this pipe by adding these properties to your app.config.json:

 "dateValues": {
   "defaultDateFormat": "mediumDate",
   "defaultDateTimeFormat": "MMM d, y, h:mm",
   "defaultLocale": "en-US"
defaultDateFormatstringThe format to apply to date values
defaultDateTimeFormatstringThe format to apply to date-time values
defaultLocalestringThe locale id to apply

This configuration overwrites the values in the localized date pipe as well as other components to have more consistency across your app. However, you can still overwrite these values any time by using the pipe in your code.

Adding language support

Date values are also localized in your ADF app. By default they are localized to en-US, although you can easily change this by adding the localization files provided by Angular.

If you want to use a different locale simply add the locale file for your region in your app.module.ts.

import { registerLocaleData } from '@angular/common';
import localeFr from '@angular/common/locales/fr';


Using the localized date pipe

Converts a date to a given format and locale.

{{ date | adfLocalizedDate: format : locale }}

Usage of the localized date pipe.

Using the time ago pipe

Converts a recent past date into a number of days ago.

{{ date | adfTimeAgo }}

Usage of the time ago pipe.

Using the decimal number pipe

Localizes the punctuation marks of a given number.

{{ number | adfDecimalNumber }}

Input: 1999.12 Output (english locale): 1,999.12 Output (italian locale): 1.999,12

Usage of the decimal number pipe.

Find more info about localization in the Angular Docs.

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