ADF Patch Release

Below steps describe how to create a patch release for latest ADF version

  1. Patching ADF starts from master branch, therefore you need to be sure you have the latest master branch:

    git checkout master
    git pull
  2. Learn the version you would like to patch, you can check ADF versions here.

  3. Create new patch branch from master i.e. develop-patch-VERSION (e.g. develop-patch-4.11.1):

    git checkout -b develop-patch-VERSION master
  4. Apply and commit your fix to develop-patch-VERSION branch.

  5. Run script with proper patch version:

    scripts/ -v VERSION
    # e.g. scripts/ -v 4.11.1
  6. Push your changes and run all tests:

    git push -u origin develop-patch-VERSION

    In order to run all tests you can use [ci:force] flag:

    git commit -m '[ci:force]' --allow-empty
    git push
  7. Verify if tests are green and if everything looks fine, you can proceed further.

  8. Create new branch from master and call it master-patch-VERSION (e.g. master-patch-4.11.1):

    git checkout master
    git checkout -b master-patch-VERSION
  9. Merge develop-patch-VERSION into master-patch-VERSION:

    git checkout master-patch-VERSION
    git merge develop-patch-VERSION
  10. Push master-patch-VERSION branch:

    git push -u origin master-patch-VERSION
  11. Verify if build is green and check if proper tag was created.

  12. After all is done, you can cherry-pick your fix to develop.

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