Files can be uploaded and used within a project.


The basic properties of a file are:

File nameRequired. The name of the file. Must be in lowercase and between 1 and 26 characters in length. Alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed, however the name must begin with a letter and end alphanumerically, for example order-template.
File descriptionOptional. A description of what the file should be used for, for example A template for orders to follow.

Create a file

To create a file:

  1. Sign into the Modeling Application and open a project.

  2. Click the NEW dropdown.

  3. The Create > File and Upload > File options both require a file to be uploaded into the Modeling Application. Alternatively use the + or Upload buttons next to Files in the left-hand menu.

  4. Enter a name and optional description.

File modeling

The File Editor only allows a file to be renamed or uploaded and the Metadata contains the properties related to the file, such as its mimetype.

Once a file has been uploaded and given a name, it can be used in a process definition as a process variable of type file.


The actions that can be run against a file are:

Download fileDownload the file.
ValidateRun validation against the file. Any errors can be seen in the log history at the bottom of the Modeling Application and are flagged in a pop-up box.
SaveSave any changes made to the file.
DeleteDelete the file.

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