Engine events

Engine events are events generated as part of the life cycle of processes. They include events such as when BPMN activity is started, saved, submitted or completed. They can be used as trigger events and for audit purposes.


All engine events have a common set of properties describing the service they are using and a common set of properties describing the event.

The service properties are:

appNameThe name of the application, for example finance-application.
appVersionThe version number of the application, for example 3.
serviceNameThe name of the service in the application, for example rb-finance-application.
serviceFullNameThe full name of the service in the application. This is the same as serviceName.
serviceTypeThe type of service, for example runtime-bundle.
serviceVersionThe version of the service.
messageIdThe ID of the message that carried the event. All events that are part of the same transaction are aggregated into the same message.
sequenceNumberThe sequence index of an event within a message.
entityIdThe ID of an entity included in a message.

The event properties are:

idThe event ID.
entityThe entity included in the message.
timestampThe timestamp of the event.
eventTypeThe type of event.
processInstanceIdThe process instance ID.
parentProcessInstanceIdThe parent process instance ID if one exists.
processDefinitionIdThe process definition ID.
processDefinitionKeyThe process definition key.
processDefinitionVersionThe version of the process definition.
businessKeyThe business key associated to the process instance if one exists.

Event Types

ACTIVITY_STARTEDAn activity is starting to execute. This event is sent just before an activity is executed.
ACTIVITY_CANCELLEDAn activity has been cancelled.
ACTIVITY_COMPLETEDAn activity has been completed.
ERROR_RECEIVEDAn activity has received an error event.
SIGNAL_RECEIVEDAn activity has received a signal.
TIMER_FIREDA timer has been fired. It will be followed by either a TIMER_EXECUTED or TIMER_FAILED event.
TIMER_CANCELLEDA timer has been cancelled, for example if a task was completed before the timer expired.
TIMER_SCHEDULEDA timer has been scheduled.
TIMER_EXECUTEDA timer has executed.
TIMER_FAILEDA timer failed to fire.
TIMER_RETRIES_DECREMENTEDThe retry count for a timer has been decreased.
MESSAGE_WAITINGA message catch event is waiting to receive a message.
MESSAGE_RECEIVEDAn activity received a message.
MESSAGE_SENTA message throw event has sent a message.
INTEGRATION_REQUESTEDThe application runtime bundle has sent a request to a connector.
INTEGRATION_RESULT_RECEIVEDThe application runtime bundle has received a result from a connector.
PROCESS_DEPLOYEDA new process definition is available. These events are sent when the application runtime bundle first starts and on any restarts.
PROCESS_CREATEDA process instance has been created.
PROCESS_STARTEDA process instance has been started.
PROCESS_COMPLETEDA process instance has been completed. This event is sent after the final ACTIVITY_COMPLETED event is sent.
PROCESS_CANCELLEDA process instance has been cancelled.
PROCESS_SUSPENDEDA process instance has been suspended.
PROCESS_RESUMEDA previously suspended process instance has been resumed.
PROCESS_UPDATEDA process instance has been updated.
SEQUENCE_FLOW_TAKENA sequence flow between two activities has been taken.
START_MESSAGE_DEPLOYEDA start message event is waiting to catch a message. Similar to MESSAGE_WAITING but specific to start message events.
MESSAGE_SUBSCRIPTION_CANCELLEDA message event subscription entity has been deleted. For example, if a process instance is deleted that had an active catch message event activity.
TASK_CREATEDA task has been created. Note that service tasks do not emit a TASK_CREATED event. The INTEGRATION_REQUESTED event should be monitored to report or track service tasks.
TASK_UPDATEDA task has been updated.
TASK_ASSIGNEDA task has been assigned.
TASK_COMPLETEDA task has been completed. Note that service tasks do not emit a TASK_COMPLETED event. The INTEGRATION_RESULT_RECEIVED event should be monitored to report or track service tasks.
TASK_SUSPENDEDA task has been suspended.
TASK_ACTIVATEDA previously suspended task has been reactivated.
TASK_CANCELLEDA task has been cancelled.
TASK_CANDIDATE_USER_ADDEDA user has been added to the list of candidates for a task.
TASK_CANDIDATE_USER_REMOVEDA user has been removed from the list of candidates for a task.
TASK_CANDIDATE_GROUP_ADDEDA group has been added to the list of candidates for a task.
TASK_CANDIDATE_GROUP_REMOVEDA group has been removed from the list of candidates for a task.
VARIABLE_CREATEDA variable has been created.
VARIABLE_UPDATEDA variable has been updated.
VARIABLE_DELETEDA variable has been deleted.

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