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Creating a simple Contract Management Solution

Alfresco Content Services is a powerful platform which enables many different use cases, but for this series of tutorials we have chosen a simple contract management use case to provide an overview of some of the great features that Alfresco Content Services has to offer.

If we look at the basics of managing contracts, the first thing we quickly realise is that we need to define the metadata associated with a contract. What is the current status of the contract? When was it created? When was it approved? What is the contract number?

With Alfresco Content Services you can easily define a "content model" which describes the metadata that is relevant to your use case. The first tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a content model for contracts and how you work with the content.

Now that Alfresco has a clear definition of your content you can start automating a number of actions based on the metadata. Alfresco Content Services removes the need for users to perform repeatable tasks through Rules and Actions. The second tutorial will walk through setting up rules to automatically sort content into specific folders based on their status.

What if you only want a specific group of users accessing certain contracts? Or maybe only users in the "legal" group can approve contracts? With Alfresco you can easily define granular permissions for your content. The third tutorial shows how to set permissions on folders so everyone can upload contracts but only members of the "legal" group can approve them.

Finding content can be a challenge. Alfresco Content Services has powerful faceted search features built in, but what if you could expose an advanced search as a set of dynamic folders? With Smart Folders you can define a dynamic folder structure based on search queries to make it easy to always find all the right content across the repository. The fourth tutorial will guide you in setting up a smart folder that enables you to browse contracts based on departments and dates.

Want to access your contracts on the go? The native Alfresco mobile application allows you to manage your content directly from your phone or tablet. The final and fifth tutorial will show how you can easily connect the mobile applications to Alfresco Content Services to access your content.

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