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AIIM Industry Watch

May 2013

ECM is truly at a crossroads, as shown in this survey of AIIM members.   Which systems do we use for collaboration, which for document process workflows, which for emails, and which for long term records management? Do we consolidate and migrate or connect and federate? Do we hook up to mobile devices through the firewall or do we use the cloud? Should we put all of our content in the cloud, or just some of it – or none of it?  

This report looks at these challenges and opportunities, which are facing information management professionals today.  It tackles migration and legacy issues, integration with other enterprise systems, and the principle of universal access, which includes remote, mobile and third party access.  It also looks at the merging of collaboration, social systems and cloud-shares, their relationship with ECM, and how this may or may not be driving cloud-content decisions.

Key findings include:

  • ECM is a work-in-progress for most: only 18% have completed a company-wide capability. 
  • The wish: 54% have made the strategy choice to move towards a single-vendor suite for the future including 19% building around a new suite. 35% are sticking with multiple or best-of-breed solutions.
  • For 45%, mobile access to content is "very important" or "vital" (14%).  
  • In addition to active document management or file-share replacement, 66% use their main ECM system for records management, and 46% as a collaboration system for project teams.

Download the Full Report for complete survey results and analysis from AIIM.

Download the full report from AIIM