Alfresco Outlook Integration

Access Alfresco from within Microsoft Outlook

Companies struggle to get control of the ever increasing volumes of content sent via email. Disconnected processes and siloed document libraries mean content can be hard to find, can be miss-filed or even lost. Integrating Alfresco with Microsoft Outlook provides:

  • Ease of Use: Drive user adoption by providing a familiar user experience.
  • Enforce Compliance: Get more content under control and automate the record declaration process.
  • Drive Efficiency: Use Microsoft Outlook to file, store, find and manage emails and attachments.

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Manage Email and Attachments

Drag and Drop to Alfresco

Using the Alfresco Outlook Integration users can access the Alfresco document library directly from within Microsoft Outlook. Users can:

  • Use drag and drop to add emails and attachments to folders within Alfresco.
  • Automatically strip off file attachments to be saved as separate, but related, documents.
  • Use automated rules to process files within the server (Example: Start a workflow to process incoming invoices).

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Controlled Access to Documents

Search and find documents and emails

Users can use the integration to access content managed in the Alfresco document library. Using server based security to ensure access controls, users can:

  • Browse the Alfresco content library, including document folders, project sites and 'My Files' folder
  • Search for documents across the complete document library or within their own area of interest
  • View automatic PDF previews of documents without the need to download and open in the native application.

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Share Files and Documents

Easy collaboration and Sharing

Documents do not sit in isolation, they need to be shared. The Alfresco Outlook Integration enables users to securely share files and links with co-workers or send files, via email, to users outside the organisation.

  • Securely share emails and associated documents from within Alfresco Share with other users (attaching to a workflow for internal proceesing).
  • Simply attach links to documents to email to other Alfresco users.
  • Auto generate and send PDF versions to be reviewed externally via email

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