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451 Research: Alfresco moves upmarket with techniques to attract larger enterprises and bigger deals

Alfresco recently announced the availability of its Alfresco Analytics and Alfresco Media Management modules for Alfresco One. It also enhanced its business process management (BPM) software – Activiti. The new Alfresco Analytics module provides insights and reporting capabilities on content, process and people-related events. It reveals how content is being accessed, shared and managed, and tracks how tasks execute to completion. It exposes bottlenecks, resource needs and usage data that can influence how business processes are designed and improved.

The Alfresco Media Management module can store, view, transform and manage rich media files such as high-definition video without the need for a dedicated system. Upgrades to its Alfresco Activiti 1.2 BPM platform include integration with Alfresco Share (Alfresco's collaboration tool), along with a few interesting and notable capabilities such as a new process and forms tools designed for business users, and a process heat map to help analyze and improve process efficiency. All of these advances take the firm deeper into an emerging market we refer to as process and collaboration management (PCM).