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Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ of Alfresco Content Services on AWS

Learn how your organization could achieve a 148% Return On Investment with Alfresco

Changing content services providers is a big decision. You deserve reassurance. So we commissioned Forrester Consulting to analyse the potential benefits, based on interviews with customers using Alfresco Content Services on AWS.

Forrester designed a composite organization based on characteristics of the interviewed organizations and in their analysis uncovered some significant potential cost savings in the following areas:

  • Software and hardware licenses
  • Technical support teams
  • International content distribution
  • Creative work

For the composite customer, average savings, based on Net Present Value, amounted to $4.1million over three years.

"When we have major events, the previous system had zero flexibility in being able to add additional hardware, unless I planned for it six months in advance. By using Alfresco with AWS, we can make changes when we need them to ramp up and ramp down the capacity, which saves us a lot of money.” - Alfresco customer

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