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Ovum: SWOT Assessment: Alfresco, Alfresco One, v5.0

When it comes to enterprise content management (ECM) there is no one size fits all. Many ECM platforms have become too big and cumbersome, resulting in vendors splitting their portfolios into more manageable chunks that provide a solution-based approach to different areas of ECM. This is benefiting smaller vendors such as open source Alfresco, which is winning business over the larger vendors when organizations consolidate from multiple ECM systems to a single platform, because of the extensive capabilities it offers, and the fact that it is seen to be offering value for money. Although Alfresco does not play in as many technology areas as some of the larger ECM vendors, open standards make it easier to bolt on additional products if organizations require functionality in areas in which Alfresco does not have capabilities.

Key messages

  • Alfresco is a leading open source ECM vendor that provides extensive document management, collaboration, and case management capabilities within its portfolio of ECM technologies.
  • Alfresco's metadata models provide the facets on which search results can be filtered, which improves the accuracy of searches.
  • Extensive collaboration features are provided, which enable team working. Features include wikis, blogs, discussion threads, data lists, shared calendars, and links.
  • Alfresco One does not include functionality in as many technology areas as the platforms from the largest ECM platform vendors, but this means that organizations do not implement features they will never require.