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Alfresco Achieves Benchmarking Milestone by Processing 1 Billion Documents With Amazon Aurora

John Newton, founder and CTO of Alfresco, describes how Amazon Aurora enables the Alfresco Content Management System to store, manage, and retrieve billions of documents and related information with fast and linear scalability. Using new techniques of information modeling, indexing, and processing with the recently launched Aurora database, Alfresco can support cloud-based workloads previously not possible for high-throughput insurance, banking, and case-based applications.

This session addresses the challenges of scaling document repositories to this level; architectural approaches for coordinating data; search and storage technologies such as Aurora, Solr, Amazon EBS, and Amazon S3; the breadth of use cases that modern content systems need to support; and how to support user applications that require subsecond response times. The result is a solution that once would have required large data centers to support but can now be handled cost-effectively with AWS and Aurora.

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John Newton John Newton