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For companies, enabling employees to go mobile is not about being trendy. It’s about remaining competitive and in the best of cases, taking the lead. As I previously discussed with Larry Hawes, whether the goal is communications or to increase productivity through mobile apps, the first step in your mobile strategy should security. The goal is to secure vital information and competitive process on devices designed to go beyond company firewalls.

To help your organization meet secure mobile content needs, we have three new apps you can download today and customize to fit your specific requirements. Alfresco for Good, Alfresco for Readdle and the Alfresco for Salesforce connector are just a few to help get you started.

I’ve added to that list to give you my top 5 apps that will help transform your business:

1)   Alfresco for Good app – Good is often the first stop for companies making the move to securely enable a mobile workforce. In “mobile world time,” Good has a very long history of enabling secure mobility for enterprises. With 4000 customers around the world, they have developed an organization that knows how to effectively meet the complex requirements of demanding industries including finance, healthcare and government. It was natural for Alfresco, born to serve enterprise critical-content and process management needs to join forces with Good Technology to offer a special version of Alfresco Mobile for Good for iOS.

2)   Alfresco for PDF Expert Enterprise app – This is an new integration with Readdle of the Alfresco Mobile SDK with PDF Expert Enterprise that allows direct access to Alfresco stored PDFs for reading, annotation, form filling, etc. By combining the power of PDF Expert Enterprise with Alfresco in the cloud, organizations can finally fulfill complete workflow with rule scenarios.

3)   Alfresco for Salesforce connector – Now available and filling a hole simple file-sharing and traditional ECM vendors have left behind. The free Alfresco for Salesforce connector enables global sales teams to share and collaborate with non-Salesforce users. Users can access documents in the cloud, on mobile as well as have content synchronised back to the office for long term storage and control.

4)   Office2 HD app – Once you gain access to your content from anywhere, viewing it is great but being able to actually do something with it is even better. With this app, you can modify content or creating new documents from your tablet to multiply productivity. You’ll want fidelity, to maintain original formatting and tools developed for touch devices and you can’t use the Microsoft Office Ribbon on a portable tablet.

5)   Webex for iPad app – If you don’t already have this app, there are three reasons you’ll want to download it now:  (a) you need to stay connected and it’s nice not to have to carry a laptop everywhere; (b) you can share documents on your call while sharing video; and, (c) it’s easier to setup a call on the Webex for iPad client than on the Web. Call it a sign of things to come…mobile leads app design by pure simplicity!

Mobile devices, though extremely efficient for email, phone and general communications can also become powerful competitive weapons, safely providing confidential information such as price lists, forms and customer files at your finger tips when you need it. We’re back to the original promise of computing – where devices are actually here to help!

In order to power a true enterprise, consumer-like experience you need the right tools and a solid ecosystem that connects great apps together such as the list above.

For any company ready to embrace the mobility challenge while giving your workforce a competitive edge, the combination of the leading MDM technology and the industry’s number one ECM platform can take your organization to the next level.

Download these apps today and leave a comment here to let us know what you think!


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Marc Dubresson

After 15 years at Apple Inc. managing consumer products in the UK and then Cupertino, Marc returned to Europe and joined Alfresco as Director of Product Management, covering everything mobile. Alfresco's fresh approach to enterprise software (both open source and useable!) is the perfect medium to consumerize IT.... not just blog about it!

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  • Frankpowell

    How about email for business for iPad app? I love this app personally. With so many business letterheads and notecard templates, this app has made the task of business emailing extremely easy.

  • miranda laurent

    Nice piece – Apropos , if your company requires a OCR Civil Rights Information Request , my husband saw a fillable version here

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