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May 6, 2010, was no ordinary day. In a mere 36 minutes, the Dow Jones plunged a historic 998 points. The stock market lost a trillion dollars. Dozens of stocks fell to a penny a share. The “flash crash” led to the arrest of a London trader and a new SEC mandate for one of the largest U.S. financial regulatory organizations.

The new rules meant capturing, storing, analyzing and managing more digital data – including vital records –  than ever before. With the need to innovate fast and on a multi-petabyte scale, the organization chose to migrate its systems to Alfresco Digital Business Platform deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

With Alfresco on AWS, they have converted a regulatory constraint into an opportunity for modernization. It has created a flexible platform that can adapt to changing market dynamics while providing the following:

  • 400-times faster responses to interactive queries
  • On-demand big data (billions of records)
  • Superior cybersecurity
  • Self-sufficiency and freedom from proprietary solutions
  • $20 million in annual savings for the cloud alone

The NARA 2019 mandate deadline is fast approaching for the U.S. government agencies. You too can transform digital records management within your agency, cut costs, increase efficiency, and better support your agency’s mission.

To hear more about Alfresco on AWS, join us on June 6th at Washington Nationals Park at the Alfresco Government Summit. You’ll also hear speakers from GSA, NARA, DoD & more discuss digital transformation, information governance, cloud strategy & more. Visit our website to see the full agenda and Register Today!


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