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This week, we hosted a webinar featuring Ole Hejlskov, Alfresco’s Developer Evangelist who gave attendees a comprehensive look into Alfresco’s Application Development Framework (ADF). For those looking to create compelling user experiences using an open source, modern, cloud-native application development framework, this overview provided lots of helpful nuggets.

A clear theme in Ole’s presentation was agility and speed. “We’ve been obsessing about Time to Value,” Hejlskov says when describing the speed with which users can get a new application up and running using Alfresco’s Application Development Framework. From months of development to now just hours, ADF empowers developers to be more nimble and to respond to the rising pressures of today’s IT organizations. Also, “it’s all about components,” Hejlskov says when describing the reusable, mobile ready and production grade components within ADF that allow developers to quickly build & deploy applications.


The Alfresco Application Development Framework helps you build modern, responsive apps that users will love. Design thinking principles, paired with these tools, are a great combination – and you may also want to explore our guide on Prioritizing User Experience.

It was nice to see some real proof points from companies and partners already making use of ADF, which cited several benefits including:

  • Faster development: days rather than weeks
  • Easy to create POCs and MVPs
  • Flexible to customize and plug & play components
  • Good for Agile and Continuous Development
  • Excellent support from the ADF Team and the Community

The last half of the discussion was spent looking at a live demo where Ole illustrated the flexibility, ease and once again speed of ADF in relation to scenarios such as:

  • content navigation
  • the start process
  • changing a logo
  • adding a custom button
  • creating a custom column

To get more details about this discussion and to see the ADF demo, please download the Faster Application Development with Alfresco webinar.

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