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Today, enterprises face a dizzying array of business demands. Enterprise companies are expected to be game-changers in their industry.

Studies show CIOs who have mastered the shift from IT as a cost center to IT as a value center are more satisfied—and secure—in their job. They scoff at the old joke that CIO stands for “Career Is Over”.

The mix of tech savvy, organizational intelligence and strategic thinking makes your job thrilling, and arduous. Nailing down IT-business alignment in this age of evolving business needs, IT consumerization, and shrinking budgets, is difficult.

French mail-order firm Afibel,  has more than 1.5 million active clients in France, the United Kingdom and Belgium, now offering women’s clothing, menswear, items for the home, and well-being products.

Excellent customer service is crucial to maintaining sales especially in the retail industry. The IT Department needed a document management solution that would integrate with its in-house, developed business application and provide each customer service representative with a complete view of all client interaction histories (direct mail, calls, emails).

Afibel ensured technical priorities support business priorities and delivered results. Its CIO uses Alfresco’s open source, document management platform, Alfresco One, to drive innovation, retain customers, facilitate enterprise growth, and prepare for emerging markets. And proves the CIO role remains relevant.

Read the full case study here and contact us if you are ready to drive IT-business alignment.

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