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In his second guest blog post, MWD Principal Analyst, Craig Wentworth uncovers the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) what it means for today’s modern companies and the opportunities it presents to create rich, meaningful customer experiences. Craig touches on the concept of using a modern digital business platform to fully utilize the power of AI and deep learning technologies, as well as enhancing the developer experience and accelerating time to value. To learn more about this topic, we encourage you to explore the Leverage the Data in Content chapter in the IT Strategist’s Guide to Transforming ECM. You can also watch this video about the advantages of using a digital business platform.  


The notion of “putting your content to work” has evolved from simply integrating content management with collaboration, workflow and case management capabilities; into scenarios where a bedrock platform of content and process services provides the gateway to advanced AI-infused, content-based applications that provide extreme personalization and drive much richer customer experiences.

There’s far too much content in the world for mere humans to read, watch, or listen to themselves. Yet we know that if we could only ingest and learn from the copious documents, images, videos, and audio files that comprise an average organization’s unstructured knowledge base, we’d surely be able to deliver those much vaunted rich, personal digital experiences. Until recently, unless you were blessed with particularly deep pockets, all those nuggets were destined to remain un-mined and un-actioned. Until now.

Why use a modern platform?

With a modern, extensible platform and a service-based approach to managing your content, there’s a whole ecosystem of services you can deploy to bring world class AI, machine learning, and deep learning techniques to bear when detecting and managing personal information across myriad data sources.  Various scenarios and use cases exist that help companies reap the benefits from a PaaS approach such as:

  • Helping comply with regulations such as GDPR
  • Recognizing and classifying objects in photos and videos. Spotting matches and providing easier discovery.
  • Suggesting similar items based on what’s known about the content in hand, to improve search effectiveness; or transcribing, translating, and analyzing call center recordings for sentiment
  • Summarizing vast collections of texts that few people have had time to read and understand, so corporate knowledge isn’t lost in staff churn
  • Providing intelligent assist to augment process workflows and recommend the best next action to take

The list goes on…


Advantages of a modern platform

Your content applications can now exploit the continuous innovation in the AI space that the likes of Google, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, and others have to offer. New platform thinking paradigms (with the heavy lifting done for you by specialists, and an enhanced developer experience that accelerates time-to-value) make it easier and economically viable to meet your customer demands with AI-enhanced services.

However, as I noted in my earlier guest blog, which looked at the concept of ‘flipping governance’ to get an outside-in perspective on GDPR, it’s likely that initiatives designed to deliver new data-driven customer experiences are led by executives responsible for customer relationships instead of regulatory compliance.

In a platform world, it’s imperative that you’re able to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your content – with effective corporate governance (through third-party AI services) to provide transparency in the relationships you have with your customers over such uses of their data.

With all this at stake, well-governed AI is becoming the new killer app for migrating content to the cloud – revealing and amplifying insight from the data found therein to innovate, differentiate, and deliver on promises of digital distinctiveness. Just remember to deliver on your promises of transparency and good data ethics too.

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