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NY Analyst Day

Alfresco recently hosted two important events in New York, an industry analyst day and Alfresco Day for customers and partners.  Both events were successful and offered great opportunities to showcase Alfresco’s evolving product roadmap and innovations; expanding partnerships with organizations such as AWS; and strong customer testimonials that illustrated the power of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform across content, process and governance services.

A common theme was represented at both events: “It’s an exciting time to be in this market.” As we learned at Analyst Day, the ECM market is in transition, which offers opportunity for companies such as Alfresco to disrupt, innovate and challenge the status quo. As companies embark on their digital transformation journeys, they’re looking to build unique differentiation that can’t be bought off the shelf; develop solutions at new speed and agility; and demand smarter insights and analytics to help improve their customers’ experiences.  Both events exemplified ways that Alfresco meets these needs, with the below key highlights:


  • A new report, Alfresco’s Digital Platform play was published by MWD Advisors, focusing on the high quality digital experiences and customization driven by Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform
  • Liberty Mutual’s Director of Application Platforms, Chris Lund presented the case for why they chose Alfresco on AWS as their preferred technology partner, and replaced their legacy ECM solution. To learn more about their selection process and the strong results they experienced by using Alfresco, watch this Liberty Mutual on-demand webinar.
  • Boeing’s Leader of Collaboration Services, Erin Leary showed why Alfresco was also their key technology partner–helping run their business on a modern architecture and delivering a “quantum leap into the future,” enhancing collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Tech Mahindra’s Customer Experience and Digital Service Lead, Shibili Karim talked about how Tech Mahindra is adapting to customer demands when it comes to innovation and faster results.  His team is up-skilling  and training on automation, artificial intelligence and various new technologies as well as focusing on cloud first and open platforms to ensure true digital transformation in enterprise.

Alfresco Day NYC 2018

  • An AWS presentation by Matt Yanchyshyn, Director AWS Partner Network showcased the choice and flexibility that customers get when using Alfresco on AWS. Currently using AWS as our cloud native solution, Matt talked about how our partnership provides customers the ability to add on additional AWS services (think deep learning!) that enhances their offerings.
  • A keynote from Alfresco CTO & Chairman, John Newton highlighted the future of deep learning, AI and analytics, as he underscored the increasing need for businesses to adopt modern infrastructures when integrating these applications.
  • Platform thinker and best selling author, Sangeet Paul Choudary keynoted the event with his Platform Revolution presentation–illustrating the importance of platform thinking for today’s modern companies, spanning across industries such as media, telecom, banking/insurance, healthcare and others.
  • CTO & Chairman of Alfresco, John Newton & VP, Product Management of Alfresco, Thomas DeMeo presented a future-thinking product update and roadmap. Focusing on Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform, which encompasses content, process and governance, we discussed new and evolving product components such as integrations and extensions, intelligence and analytics and deployment options.
  • I also gave a talk about Accelerating Time to Value with Alfresco, utilizing its business differentiators such as open technologies and partnerships with AWS, which help companies create flexible, agile and iterative business solutions through the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

Sangeet Paul Choudary

If you were able to join us at these events, we’d love to hear what you found most useful by leaving us a comment or joining the conversation on our social channels such as Twitter & Linked:in with the hashtag #AlfrescoDay. To join a future Alfresco event in person, explore our events calendar and register.

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