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Alfresco Enterprise 4Today is a big day at Alfresco, as we have officially launched Alfresco Enterprise 4.  Here is some of the early coverage:

InfoWorld: Alfresco 4 heads for the cloud
In anticipation of offering its open-source content management software as a service, Alfresco has upgraded its namesake product to work with multiple clients and to interact with a wider range of form factors, the company announced Thursday… more

CMSWire: Alfresco Enterprise 4: Cloud Connected Content Management
We said earlier in the week that we couldn’t talk about Alfresco 4 until today. Well, it’s today now and we can talk a little bit about this latest release, although only a little bit because it really is enormous… more

OSTATIC: Alfresco Embraces SaaS and the Cloud with it’s new CMS Platform
In a big endorsement of the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, enteprise content management system (CMS) maker Alfresco is embracing cloud- and mobile-based usage of its platform with its new Alfresco 4 release… more

ReadWriteWeb: Alfresco Makes its CMS More Social
Today, Alfresco today launches its Enterprise v4, perhaps the biggest update since they began operations. The new software comes with mobile and tablet apps, business app integrations and is loaded with social features that help users share, comment on and collaborate on content… more

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Todd Barr

Todd Barr is the CMO of Alfresco software. Todd has been marketing free and open source software for the last 10 years for companies and projects like Red Hat, JBoss, Ruby on Rails, FreePBX and now Alfresco.

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  • Michael Penney

    Does Alfresco 4 and/or Share support OpenID? Can we authenticate to AF from a GoogleApps domain where GA is the OpenID identity provider, for example.

    • Hi Michael. I checked with our Support team and this is what they said:

      Not directly. We believe it may be possible with an external authentication system such as CAS/Siteminder, and if so, those can use Alfresco’s “external” SSO authentication mode. is one example.

      • Interesting – I have OpenID SSO authentication as a requirement for a project I am bidding for. Would be great to have it built in.

        Thanks for following up Michael Penney’s enquiry.

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