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Five months ago when we announced our new Global Partner Program, my goals were to:

  • Have 70% of our business going through our channel partners
  • Recruit and onboard global and super-regional solution providers
  • Streamline the Alfresco OEM program
  • Drive greater focus with the company’s key technology partners

Today we took a leap towards meeting those goals by expanding our relationship with Atos. As our lead partner in Japan, Atos will help Alfresco strengthen relationships with customers as well as sell and distribute our technology throughout the region. As a key partner of ours since 2007, Herbie Leung, CEO of Atos in APAC, recognizes that our open source technology platform makes it easy for partners to build incredibly robust applications that can better meet customers’ needs regardless of the application or the industry.

They were initially attracted to us because of our Alfresco One ECM solution and the value it provides to large enterprise customers. Atos currently focuses its Alfresco offerings toward government and financial services. We are committed to building a stronger presence in the APAC region and Atos is incredibly dedicated and well suited to serve the business collaboration needs of the enterprises there.

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