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Moroccan Atlas Mountains

Antonio Porchia said it best, “Set out from any point. They are all alike. They all lead to a point of departure.”

And that is what 17 Alfresco employees are going to do next week – depart our homes, our work, our family and our comfort zones to travel to Morocco and climb Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains.

Alfresco started the tradition of climbing Mount Toubkal last year, as 20 brave souls departed for Morocco and departed the life they knew. All 20 came back with a greater sense of strength, how far they could push others and life-long friendships with people they don’t get to work with on a daily basis.

This sense of camaraderie encouraged the rest of our organization to get together and build a product that increased collaboration for organizations so they, too, would understand what it means to climb a mountain and come together.

The 17 of us will be separated into two teams, Blue and Green to  achieve three objectives: working together to summit, help clean the mountain with our chosen charity and continue our charity work far beyond the peak of the mountain.

The charity chosen for this adventure is Mountain Propre, established in 2011 as an eco-citizenship community project and an initiative to conserve and educate about the environmental impact of human activities. We will work closely with the foundation to clean up the area on and around Mount Toubkal so it can be a welcoming place for generations to come.

But the charity work does not stop there. Once back from our adventure, we will devote ourselves to raise money for Mountain Propre as well as devote our time and resources to help clean up parks, city blocks or just neighborhoods in and around our homes.

Cleaning up is the simplest, most impactful gesture individuals can do. We’re curious to hear how you or your company is helping to clean up? Do you recycle at your office? We would love to hear your great ideas on how you are joining us in these efforts!

In just a few short days we will depart as co-workers and return home as friends. I for one, couldn’t be more excited for the adventure ahead!

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Jean Cameron

Jean Cameron is the Field Marketing manager for the Americas and ANZ. Located in Detroit, MI, she is passionate about technology and helping companies become more efficient and productive. She is an avid hockey fan. Go wings!

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