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This week’s news coverage brings to light relevant topics such as the evolution of open source technologies; new strategic opportunities for Alfresco; as well as mentions from our customers who continue to use Alfresco to enable their digital transformation:

Information Age: Accelerating digital transformation with effective data infrastructure
Director of Business Solutions, George Parapadakis identifies the foundation necessary to create for companies who want to accelerate Digital Transformation.

ZDNet: Internet of Things projects: Why your business needs to build a digital double 
McDermott International, CIO Akash Khurana talks about the importance of building a “digital twin,” and identifies Alfresco as their technology partner that helps enable it.

Channel Partners: Private Equity Firm to Buy Alfresco Software 
Alfresco CMO, Sydney Sloan shares the strong business opportunities to be gained from the Alfresco/THL acquisition.

IDG Connect: Alfresco Founder: Commercial Open Source is more than Old Stuff for Free
Riding off the success of this year’s DevCon, this feature talks about the history and future of open source technologies – and the opportunities it presents for modern companies. Alfresco innovators, John Newton, Thomas DeMeo and Doug Johnson lend their perspective in this piece.

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