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This week at our DevCon San Jose user conference, John Newton (pictured) pushed the button that launched our new mobile update further enhancing the Alfresco mobile experience with the new features added to our app.

Here are some of my favorite new features –

Sync Your On-Premise and Cloud Documents 

Previous versions of our app have allowed you to download your most important content to your iPad or iPhone device so that it is always available to you, even if you don’t have a connection (on a flight for example). We’ve further built on this feature in the new version so that with one touch you can set your favorite documents to automatically sync whenever any new versions are added or amendments are made. This means that when you go to view or edit your favorite documents you can be confident that it will always be the most up-to-date version that you are working with.

For those who might be worried about eating through their cellular data allowance with background syncing taking place over a 3G or LTE connection, we’ve even included the option for you to sync only via WiFi.

Tasks and Workflow

If you are collaborating with an external team and are often on the move, you may not have time to speak to everyone as regularly as you want. Alfresco Mobile now allows you to assign tasks and start workflows from within your iPad and iPhone app. Create a task, set the due date, choose who needs to complete the actions and then attach any relevant documents from within Alfresco. This will create a task that is easy for you to track from within the Alfresco Mobile app and send an email notification to the person or people who have been assigned tasks. You can even set-up review and approve workflows that your colleagues can complete from within the app as well or from any browser.

Email Content Links

Previously Alfresco Mobile users have been able to send content stored within their Alfresco account as a document attached to an email. We’ve added to this the capability to email a link to any content viewed within the app, rather than emailing the document itself. This not only cuts down on the size of emails being sent back and forth, it enables you to send links to files otherwise too big to email and also ensures that the integrity of document versioning is maintained by keeping one accessible copy of the file rather than duplicates that get emailed around.

Note Taking

Ever been in a meeting or discussion when you’ve wanted to share notes on the topic with someone who could not make it in person? Well further improvements to the Alfresco Mobile app now make it even easier to do just that. In addition to the existing voice recording functionality, by which you can record audio files from within the Alfresco app and share immediately via your server or cloud account, you can now also take notes without having to leave the Alfresco app. Type your notes within Alfresco and at the touch of a button these can now be saved and accessible immediately to any or all of your Alfresco collaborators.

There is great variety among Alfresco users – different industries of differing sizes and with unique requirements. With this in mind we are constantly working to develop new features for our mobile apps as our customers want or need to work with their content. Alfresco Mobile provides the flexibility, security, ease of use and above all mobility, but don’t take our word for it. Try it today for free and let us know your favorite features. There are some helpful links below to get you started on the road to complete mobile freedom –


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