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I’m very excited that as of today, users of Amazon Web Services can run Alfresco Enterprise on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with just a few clicks through the AWS Markeplace –

This availability follows our initial AWS Marketplace release, where we outlined the benefits of rapidly deploying Alfresco Enterprise without the hassles of installation and configuration that normally accompany these kinds of deployments.

Building on our previous release by teaming up with Amazon and Red Hat, Alfresco Enterprise is now fully available on a supportable open source stack giving customers the option to purchase enterprise-grade support from Alfresco and additional support from Amazon Premium Support, backed by Red Hat.

Alfresco Enterprise for the AWS Marketplace defaults to a 30-day trial and works with our existing mobile apps for iOS and Android making secure file sharing fast and easy.

Getting Started

Assuming you already have an AWS account, you simply need to visit the Alfresco + RHEL listing on the AWS Marketplace and click the “Continue” button to login and launch.

Step-by-step directions can be found at the Alfresco Wiki, but please visit the AWS Blog for more details on the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the AWS Marketplace. You can also learn more about the benefits of secure file sharing with Alfresco on AWS by viewing the recent webinar recording.

Give it a whirl and leave a comment here to let us know what you think!

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Luis Sala

Luis is Alfresco's Director of Technology Alliances, responsible for managing Alfresco's relationship with technology partners.

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  • Romain D

    (Disclaimer : I’m an Alfresco employee)
    Just tried it on RHEL 6.3, and works like a charm, as expected.
    I liked the new portal page for the startup 😉
    I also appreciated default settings using solr indexing & search !

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