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Alfresco’s latest software release as reviewed at Alfresco Summit 2013 has a lot for both end users and IT to get excited about. Here are some key highlights.

In addition to being the fastest, the most scalable, and the most phenomenally simple to use document management system ever released, Alfresco One 4.2 is also our smartest version yet. When it comes to enterprise content management, it just doesn’t get any easier than this.

Alfresco One 4.2 has some exciting and unique features that are not available in any other document management system on the market today. These include:

New user interface

Getting started with Alfresco has just got a lot easier. Users can use the new MY FILES feature to quickly capture drafts of any new documents as they create them. It is the perfect solution for those drafts that you are not quite ready to share. Of course when you are ready to share, the SHARED FILES feature provides a “scratch area” where users can quickly and easily share and collaborate on their files and documents. While the RECENT SITES feature remembers the last few sites you have visited, automatically adding them to your list for easy access.

Folder templates

Many times organizations will repeat the same process over and over and over again. Think about launching a new product, signing a contract, moving or opening a new office, acquiring a new company or even just planning the Christmas party. Alfresco has included the ability to build ‘Folder Templates’ that allow you to quickly and simply kick off a new project. Templates include template content, folder structures, security models and any associated rules and actions. Want to launch a new product – just use the template to kick start your project.

Simple hybrid workflow

Alfresco is the only company to offer a hybrid ECM solution, where content can be stored on-premise and synced to the cloud, to be shared and worked on by business partners. But with Alfresco One 4.2 we take this one step further. Need a partner to work on or review a document?  Simply start a hybrid workflow. Alfresco will allocate the task to your business partner in the cloud. Once they complete their tasks the workflow will automatically notify you that it has been completed – gone are the days of attaching documents to email.

Digital media support

New views have been created to make it easier for users to work with multi-media files. The recently added “gallery” and “filmstrip” views provide the user the ability to search for images, and video files in a grid or filmstrip view. Now it is simple to visually locate the file you are looking for. And of course once the end user has found it they can publish to a range of social media outlets with just the click of a button. Companies worried about compliance for social files can also automate filing as records for long-term storage.

Records Management so easy you don’t even know you’re doing it!

Using the new Alfresco Records management module users can file and declare records as part of their standard working practice. Once they have finished with a document, simply choose the declare in place option and the file is made a record – one click! It is that simple. But record declaration can be automated. Change an attribute, for example a status attribute from “in review” to “approved” and Alfresco will automatically declare it as a record, or drag it from a “Pending” folder to an “Approved” folder and Alfresco will file it as a record.

This automation, driven by metadata, takes the burden of declaring and managing critical records off the end user. Alfresco uses the records metadata (information about the file) to know where to file it in the file plan. Dynamic rules will help to create record folders, when needed, to store the records. The entire process is automated behind the scenes, which increases user compliance and improves your RM process– all without changing the way end users work.

Want to see Alfresco One 4.2 in action? Try Alfresco One free for 30 days.

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    hi,in alfresco, excel is opening in read only mode.
    what can be the issue?

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