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Formtek, Inc. has been an Alfresco Gold Partner since 2007 and has been providing business-critical enterprise document and content management solutions and services to customers for over two decades.

The Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) serves families, educators, and professionals working with students who have autism and low-incidence disabilities. It is funded primarily with federal funds received through the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children. OCALI’s mission is to build state- and system-wide capacity to improve outcomes for individuals with autism and low-incidence disabilities through leadership, training and professional development, technical assistance, collaboration and technology.

In its role as a provider of education, OCALI creates and acts as a clearinghouse for a large collection of educational and training documents and videos that are widely used by parents, groups and institutions from across all of the US and in 101 different countries. But managing the process associated with requests for these resources was challenging.

Requests for non-video tasks are relatively simple – a request is made, the work is processed and completed, and finally the requestor is notified of the completion of the work. Video requests are much more complicated and involve the interaction between different groups such as the video speakers, and the graphics, management, and web groups. OCALI personnel were spending a lot of time trying to manually manage the scheduling of tasks, making sure tasks were being completed when they were supposed to, and that nothing was being missed.

OCALI turned to Formtek to provide a technology solution, based on Alfresco, which automates processes associated with the educational and training documents and videos.

After carefully analyzing OCALI’s requirements, Formtek installed, configured and tuned Alfresco, and developed a number of customizations, highlighted by a rigorous workflow process. The workflow automates the Integrated Systems Task (IST) Request process, beginning with a request for a video, through all steps of approval, scripting, production and uploading of the video to the web. Optimizing the video request and production process required customizations to the content model and forms, automatic folder creation during the workflow, and custom dashlets, dashboards and data lists.

As a key part of the engagement, Formtek implemented methods to record the time spent per task, and to associate in-process and completed requests with their workflow history, including a record of all documents used in the process.

The resulting solution has enabled OCALI to spend more time getting work done correctly, and to greatly reduce the time spent trying to manually manage the previous process. The amount of labor hours saved is substantial, which for a small organization like OCALI, is critical. Planned enhancements to the solution will include automation of other OCALI workflow processes within Alfresco.

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Victor is responsible for Formtek's global direct and indirect sales. He has over 20 years of experience in sales and sales support, with particular emphasis in content management and engineering data management technology solutions.

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