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The PGA TOUR hosts over 120 tournaments a year all over the world, featuring some of the greatest golfers of our time. But when it came to document management, it wasn’t all fun and games for the organization.

Agronomists measuring the greens struggled to quickly update information from the field, marketing couldn’t easily access past presentations, and the TOUR’s many contracts and third-party agreements between tournament organizers and sponsors were difficult to find and retrieve.

Learn how Alfresco, with the Alfresco Workdesk module, has become the primary document management repository for the entire PGA TOUR. Now users can quickly drill down to the documents they need, when they need them, and can spend less time focusing on document management and more time on the game!

“Alfresco Workdesk provides us with a more streamlined interface for end users to access their documents and gives us a flexibility that we haven’t had before with any other document management system. We are rolling out Workdesk to marketing, legal, IT and all departments across PGA TOUR as our primary content management front end, both for specific use cases and our general document management needs.” said, Doug Edwards, Director, Customer Services Team.

Read the full PGA TOUR story here and contact us to get started with Alfresco One.

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Hi! My name is Jessica and I am responsible for Global Customer Advocacy at Alfresco! I am excited to work with such a great group of customers and look forward to meeting each of you and learning about your innovative use cases for Alfresco!

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  • Over and above that PGA uses the Westernacher Lotus Notes E-Mail-Manager for Alfresco ( to have the ability to mail and store documents directly from Alfresco. „We are a Alfresco customer since one year+ however the NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT about Alfresco was the lack of ability to mail documents and store documents right from the mail client into Alfresco. Our Partner Bluefish recommended Westernacher Lotus Notes Integration. We bought it, installed it and our customers and 500 employees love it!“ (Doug Edwards, Director, Customer Services Team)

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    What are the Qualification to join the course?

  • peter Ochieng

    I want to be Alfresco Certify since have done some installation to some few client,hence am trying to perfect the system and understand it fully,cause am already advising clients to have it as the best DMS Solution at the moment.

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    Am trying to learn how to create Workflow in Alfresco since that will be a requirement to the our clients.

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