In just a few weeks, Alfresco will debut a new, cutting-edge process, utilizing AI, machine learning and process automation to improve the experience of applying for a home bank loan.  Unveiling this through a high-tech demo at AWS’s re:Invent conference on November 26th-30th, Alfresco will showcase an end-to-end bank loan process made easy through Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform backed by the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Re-imagine the Bank Loan Experience
Businesses that are not yet modernizing their digital operations, such as financial loan applications will find this demo useful, enjoyable and actionable. We’ll showcase the power of AWS Deeplens (deep learning enabled video camera) together with Amazon Alexa (voice recognition) to facilitate meaningful customer interactions while using other Amazon technologies to aid in facial recognition, sentiment analysis and language translation.  The Alfresco Digital Business Platform serves as the backbone for the entire end-to-end process, automating the preparation and storage of application documents and ensuring that the right people, have the right information, at the right time to expedite case resolution.

Our technology demonstration is an amazing convergence of how artificial intelligence, machine learning and process automation can dramatically improve customer experience across a variety of vertical markets, not just financial services. The most exciting news is that we have several partners that are building these type of real-world solutions today – so this is so much more than just a demonstration.

Want to see Alfresco’s deep-learning demo in person? We invite you to join us at AWS’s re:Invent conference this year! Please stop by The Quad inside the ARIA, booth #330 to meet our innovation experts and to learn how the Alfresco Digital Business Platform can change your business. One-on-one meetings and product demonstrations are being scheduled upon request. Reserve a meeting today!

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