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When transportation giant Eurostar – a multi-national enterprise owned by the French, English and Belgian governments – merged into one entity, thousands of documents needed to be combined and reconciled into a single repository.

These documents – primarily the more than 60,000 engineering drawings from three different countries, in three different languages – were stored in three different government-managed systems. Eurostar needed a way to house them all in one repository that was easy to share across all three countries – all while ensuring regulatory compliance standards were being met.

“Ours is a regulated industry, so we are constantly being audited. Being able to prove that we have proper version control in our documents is hugely important to us,” said Claire Smith, Eurostar’s IS business relationship manager.

They also wanted something user friendly and web-based so that office staff would adopt it, as well as train conductors and engineers on the shop floor. Alfresco was the perfect fit.

“It was really important for us to have something that was web-based for the accessibility,” said Smith. “With Alfresco, it doesn’t matter where users are or what platform they are using, they can access it from anywhere.”

Today, Eurostar has around 200 active users on Alfresco, spanning every department in the business. All company policy documents have been incorporated into the platform, as well as IT requests for equipment. The company even uses Alfresco to securely share documents and information with its board of directors.

User adoption has been quick and painless because of how easy the platform is to use.

“We really like the look and feel of Alfresco – it’s natural. We didn’t have to sit down and teach people how to use Alfresco. They naturally took to it,” said Smith.

To learn how Eurostar plans to globally leverage Alfresco’s mobile application to enable users to work on their iPads and iPhones as easily as their desktop computers, read the full case study here or watch the video below.

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