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The last few weeks have been quite busy here at Alfresco.  We started February off with Alfresco Day in New York City, where it was great to have some of our major customers on stage from Capital One and FINRA present their process and content use cases and how they use Alfresco.  Those use cases really show the value of content + process together, and the importance of security, governance and agility as they are both in financial related industries, at huge scale, both running on AWS.  We also had a day with the Analyst community and we shared our vision of the future and had some great dialog about the drivers of “digital transformation” across the industry.  In addition, more great dialog and information sharing at our Customer Council where leaders from across the industry shared their views and needs. Some of the characteristics of applications needed and built to power digital transformation include being task-centric, content rich, UX focused, intuitive, simple, mobile first, fast, responsive, cloud-provisioned, part of a larger connected business process and other digital services, measured and optimized to usage, performance and connectedness through analytics and intelligence.  Phew!, that’s a lot to consider.

Modern times need a modern approach, and for those organizations that want better customer engagement, efficiency and agility while controlling their journey towards “digital transformation”, this is where Alfresco can help.  I think this release of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform deserves a deeper look.  So far, the results from our early access users have been very positive.  This is a big step in a journey that will never end, because competitive threats, regulatory changes, market conditions, and the emergence of new enterprise technologies (such as the rise of cloud computing and IoT) will also never end.

However, there is one thing that will never change: the imperative to serve customers, employees and grow the business. The only way to meet that imperative – in the face of never-ending digital disruption – is to adopt open technology architectures that can offer both flexibility and intelligent insights.

To that end, Alfresco has unveiled a new Digital Business Platform: an agile and completely open platform that allows the rapid development of intelligent process, content and information governance solutions. Our new Digital Business Platform eliminates the old school (or old skool as the hip kids say), siloed “where’s-my-information” or “I-need-to-start-this process” mindset.

Instead, we’re handing CIOs and IT teams the “keys to the kingdom” to creatively solve process, content and information governance problems in an integrated manner. Highlights of the new open, modular platform include:

  • Application Development Framework & Modern UX: Using modern UX and UI technologies (including Google Material Design and pre-built AngularJS components), Alfresco’s Application Development Framework provides a rapid experience for building businesses solutions. IT teams can develop applications iteratively while maintaining a consistent user experience.
  • An Open Source Core: The Digital Business Platform supports open standards and exposes process, content and governance services via open RESTful APIs. Alfresco’s open-source roots have long been the ‘secret sauce’, giving customers endless configuration options and the ability to tap into more than 30,000 developers.
  • Key Extensions & Integrations: Integrations with leading applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Salesforce and more, ensure that content is accessible within the context of existing applications you already use.
  • Flexible Deployments – including native AWS options – The platform can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid-cloud environments. For enterprise customers increasingly turning to Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are the only ECM provider to offer an AWS Quick Start – a production-ready reference deployment to spin up Alfresco One in the cloud in literally minutes vs. days.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security & Scale: Whether managing billions of documents or having high-throughout, intensive processes, Alfresco’s modular architecture provides resilience and scalability both on-premises and in the cloud.

Rather than focusing on just processes, content, or records in isolation, the heart of the Digital Business Platform is intelligence. It starts with smart automation, capture and the ability to add context to information. Alfresco users can then act on that context through intelligent, adaptable processes, via indexing of all actions taken on content and at every stage of a process.

Those that lack the freedom to take advantage of information and processes in context often feel the pain, through significant costs. Consider, for example:

  • Inefficient coordination of benefits (COB) processes add $800M in administrative expense to the U.S. healthcare system every year (source: CAQH);
  • Slow or ineffective client on-boarding results in $5M to $10M in loss per year at one global bank; another loses up to 5% of overall deals (source: Forrester);
  • In government, the US government received more than 700,000 FOIA requests in FY2015. With each request requiring approximately $1,200 and 30 hours to process (source: Armedia), that amounts to $856 million and 21 million hours.

As our founder and CTO, John Newton, recently pointed out in Forbes, the digital gap isn’t between the “haves” and “have-nots” – it’s between the “haves” and the “have-mores.” Organizations that merely buy and deploy technologies in siloed ways, will fall behind those that approach digitization as an ever-evolving journey.

Are you falling behind in your digital transformation journey, due to the lack of intelligent, streamlined content and process management? If so, click here to learn how Alfresco can help make your business flow.

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