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A little over a year ago, I wrote how Alfresco has been working to address a big opportunity in the enterprise software market: being at the intersection of content, process, governance and apps. I also wrote that the best was still yet to come: we are placing a lot of muscle behind new product releases that further showcase our modern, open, modular, developer- and cloud-friendly approach.

Today strikes a particularly high note for the company, with some of the best industry minds, in our opinion, validating our approach. Alfresco has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management –  Business Content Services, Q2 2017 evaluation. We have also been named in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management – Transactional Content Services, Q2 2017 as a Strong Performer.

Because I am able to talk with so many forward-thinking organizations, I don’t find it surprising that Forrester and other analyst firms keep saying that ECM disruption will accelerate. I see proof in the market every day.  Consider that a commissioned global survey of IT professionals, conducted by Forrester Consulting last year on Alfresco’s behalf, uncovered a sharp divide between the expressed need of enterprises to undergo digital transformation and their ability to accelerate that transformation. The authors of the “Break Down Content and Information Silos to Accelerate the Flow of Work” study highlighted that the convergence of content and processes is a critical linchpin to a successful digital transformation. Those that complete that transformation will become “digital predators” – but those that fail will become “digital prey.”

The increased need for organizations to avoid falling “digital prey” is contributing to the ECM market evolution and Alfresco is uniquely positioned to help organizations capitalize on this critical change. We believe our appearance in both segments of the latest Forrester Wave for ECM illustrates that our investments to strengthen the depth and breadth of our platform and to help more partners deliver digital business solutions across multiple vertical industries, is paying off.

Take the example of one of the largest digital banks in the U.S., which in 2015 initiated a sweeping technology overhaul that included giving up on their existing company-wide approach to content management. That legacy, inflexible ECM system wasn’t working for them. No one could agree on a uniform experience, and they couldn’t get themselves on-boarded on time.

The bank unit sought to increase efficiency, enable new digital interactions and support a more client-focused way of doing business. They wanted to “wrap the bank around the client, not the client around the bank.”

In 2016, the bank launched a SaaS digital document management product, powered by Alfresco Content Services running on Amazon Web Services The product now enables a complete view of documents across all commercial lines of business – from any application. The solution supports end-to-end digital transactions that transform how the bank operates and engages clients.

The bank credits the open APIs provided by the Alfresco architecture that satisfies diverse requirements, including meeting regulatory obligations, minimizing deployment risks, and a single access point for all digitized documents.

This customer example – and many others – demonstrate that Alfresco is way past simple document collaboration: our robust capabilities and mature platform offer deeper digital process automation, case management across multiple use cases, and the enablement of efficient mission-critical processes.

While the market continues to transition, and players contort inside closed boxes that don’t meet the needs of tomorrow’s digital enterprises, we believe we will continue to help customers that want more business insights from their structured (and unstructured) content and associated business processes. We believe we have the right digital platform that allows customers address their incredibly complex content, process, and compliance needs.

Why? Because Alfresco delivers both business content and transactional content services – with an open, modern, modular, developer-and cloud-friendly approach.

See what the Forrester reports say for yourselves and get a copy of The Forrester Wave™:  Enterprise Content Management – Business Content Services and The Forrester Wave™:  Enterprise Content Management – Transactional Content Services Q2 2017 reports. Download both Forrester Waves here.

If your organization is looking to push the boundaries of the definition of “content” and how it’s used to drive digital business, please go to Alfresco’s website at




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