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One of our outstanding customers, Edmonton Public Schools, will be speaking at the AIIM Conference this year about their digital transformation to paperless processes. During a session on Thursday, April 28 from 1:30 to 2:15p.m., Lea Beeken, supervisor for District Records and FOIP Management at Edmonton Public Schools, will describe how she manages the student records for 80,000 students using an online repository with over 12,000 staff members having secure and restricted access, and having specialized content inputs from the Student Information System, schools, the provincial government and various service providers. She will discuss how Alfresco helped make this project a success and her plans to continue evolving and improving the system in the future.

When Alfresco first met Lea, Edmonton Public Schools was struggling to comply with required documentation mandates, forcing the re-creation of some reports at a cost of $1,000 to $1,500 per report. At the same time, the district was managing all employee files on paper; an inefficient process creating physical space challenges. It needed to move from its paper-based processes to an electronic student and employee records management system and needed a versatile document management system that would integrate with legacy systems, be easy to use and have a low cost of ownership.

Alfresco provides a low cost-of-ownership, making it a perfect fit for the district and the numerous teachers and administrators needing access to student and faculty records. In addition, Alfresco’s open source software with support for open standards made it easy to integrate Alfresco with the district’s existing systems, including its Student Information System.

Edmonton Public Schools now keeps electronic student and employee records of all assessments completed. When a student enrolls or progress reports are created, they are automatically stored in Alfresco. The district can also define unique metadata for each document to support their reporting requirements. It also added retention policies to documents to ensure that schools comply with regulations.

Teachers have online access to the appropriate reports so they can better serve the student. And the employee records system has streamlined the hiring process by making applicant information available online, eliminating the need for hiring managers to travel to the central office to review applications and records. Through this process, Edmonton Public Schools was able to achieve an estimated savings of over $1 million by eliminating paper from their daily work. In addition, they reached numerous other milestones, including:

  • Establishing one consistent student records system that can be accessed by multiple users, even from outside the district through the district portal
  • Automating document flow from Student Information Systems, central scanning stations and other various sites to the Alfresco repository
  • Maintaining compliance standards for specialized student assessments

Edmonton Public Schools is an excellent example of the power that a modern content management system can have in radically improving organizations. We are proud to be a part of the digital transformation taking place in schools and enterprises around the world. If you’ll be at #AIIM16, please plan to attend this session.

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