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Alfresco is excited to announce that we have made some important updates to Alfresco in the cloud.

What’s different with this new release? Here are the highlights:

First, we’ve added some new capabilities to our Alfresco One API for app developers. Alfresco has been a leader in the definition and implementation of Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS), an important content standard that was first introduced in 2010.

As part of our commitment to open standards, in this latest cloud release, we have continued to enhance our support for CMIS with an added new feature called “CMIS Item Support.”

This new capability – which was introduced in the latest version of CMIS – allows app developers to access content that was outside the scope of the initial release of CMIS, most notably content beyond just documents and folders.

For example, let’s say you want to do a query for users. A simple query of “SELECT * FROM cm:person” will show you a list of users in your network. Similarly, a query of “SELECT * FROM cm:person, where cm:organization = Alfresco” will show you the list of users from a particular company. You also get to choose the format of the response, whether XML or JSON.

To learn more about how to use our Cloud API, visit

Secondly, this is the first cloud release that used our improved agile process, which allows us to deploy new releases more frequently. This was made possible from our work last year to unify the Community, Enterprise and Cloud code lines.

The code we deployed in this cloud release includes important code fixes, as well as some groundwork for new capabilities that you will see later this year. (Stay tuned!)

We expect to continue making Cloud updates on a regular basis.

Finally, rather than stop and start the Alfresco Cloud in order to deploy the update, we were able to do a “rolling deploy” instead. There was no interruption of service for customers (and no need for the engineering and development teams to get up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning.)

We hope you find this most recent update useful!

Also, check out our recent post on why CMIS is important and why we are committed to our work in this area.

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Greg Melahn

Greg is the Director of Platform Development at Alfresco. With decades of development experience, Greg has worked on a range of platforms, from mainframes to laptops and has led the development of a wide variety of products for Team Collaboration, Document Management, WCM, Source Code Control, Build and File Transfer systems. Having experienced the evolution of software development based on machine language to the modern programmable web, Greg has developed an abiding interest in making systems accessible to developers and partners through open, standard and simple API’s.

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  • rivera

    Hey Greg I’m building some functionality to Alfresco. What is the best documentation I should be using in my development? I’m a total n00b to alfresco.

  • Greg Melahn

    Welcome! A good starting point is which as links to sites where you can do things like register for a developer key for using the Alfresco Cloud API and download the Maven SDK. The authoritative documentation can be accessed at There are a number of good books available about Alfresco that you can find here … Of course there’s no substitute to looking at the code and you can download the community edition from to see for yourself how Alfresco is built. I hope this helps and I look forward to you joining the Alfresco community!

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