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Enterprise IT decision makers across both industry and government are simplifying their organizations and integrating systems to achieve innovation, accelerate user adoption and drive digital transformation. At the same time, analysts are praising integration as a more holistic approach to meeting organizational needs.

Today, Alfresco is announcing a major advancement in the integration of content, people and process, particularly by aligning our ECM and BPM solutions. Through synchronized updates to both Alfresco One and Alfresco Activiti, we are providing an open approach to meeting companies’ digital transformation goals by delivering the flexibility they need to meet evolving business process requirements as well as increasing the value from how content is managed within their organization.

What we see more and more is the overwhelming majority of content tied to a business process and vice versa, the overwhelming majority of processes tied with key pieces of content.  Therefore, an integrated content management and business process solution can deliver great value to enterprise and governments around the globe. Alfresco’s modern and open approach to these solutions has always recognized this critical interdependency. This alignment and integration raises the bar across the industry and demonstrates Alfresco’s commitment to providing a better alternative to legacy approaches to how content and processes need to be managed in today’s business environment. And the analysts agree.

“ECM and BPM are converging into a market we refer to as PCM [Process and Collaboration Management]. Rival vendors vying for share in this new market will be compelled to prove how they can help their customers and prospects run their businesses better through process improvements, enhanced collaboration, and easier ways to exploit content and media,” 451 Research Analyst Carl Lehmann wrote in a recent report. “Alfresco’s evolving business strategy is set-up to do just that.”

Leading-edge companies will benefit from tight integration of ECM and BPM, solutions that were designed and built to work together. For example, processing a loan application for a financial services company involves managing multiple documents from applicants as well as internally created files – all part of a loan-approval process. The Alfresco integrated solution brings together process and content, simplifying the workflow and improving customer service. It also captures approval flows and relevant content to help a company address its compliance requirements.

Alfresco’s goal has always been to provide one simple, smart and open platform to help companies address all of their content and process needs. The alignment and integration of ECM and BPM in our platform is a big leap in that direction, empowering user productivity with easy to use and easy to integrate solutions, achieving enterprise scale and control with platform modularity and security, and future-readying enterprises by building upon today’s open standards.

We are very excited about this milestone, as this represents an important step along our journey of helping empower digital transformation.

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