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AIIM — the Association for Information and Image Management — is a global community of information professionals and we are excited to partner with the AIIM community to celebrate World Paper Free Day today!

The idea of a paperless office is not a new concept. In early 1975, Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek published an article that predicted the office of the future would be paperless and that by 1990 most record handling will be electronic.

Although knowledge workers are mobile, computer savvy and aware that paper-free processes improve productivity and lower costs, most organizations are still struggling against the tide of paper documents that clog offices and stall business processes.

AIIM president, John Mancini, said when questioned why we’re still so stuck on paper: “One would think after 30 years of talking about paperless offices that we would have made more progress than we have. The truth of the matter is that while paper consumption — and paper infused processes — are decreasing, the rate of decline is still somewhat slow.”

Alfresco is proud to have helped over 1800 customers globally start to capitalize on paperless offices that run on paper-free processes. To help you get started, we asked a few of our customers what they see as the benefits for going paper-free and they responded: grow productivity; reduce storage space and risk; produce higher quality work through faster business processes.

“Implementing a modern, open, enterprise-class Enterprise Content Management tool like Alfresco One with a Business Process Management tool like Activiti is a great step toward realizing a truly paper-free office,” said Mike Mahon, CEO and President of Zia Consulting, a Platinum Alfresco Partner. “Alfresco One and Alfresco Activiti allow companies to replace complex, manual, and often paper-intensive processes with powerful yet flexible automated solutions.”

In our partnership with AIIM, we commit to helping our customers reduce the amount of paper they generate in their everyday work environment. While November 6 is just one day, these actions can make a difference every day.

AIIM’s research proves that less paper in our processes delivers huge benefits in efficiency, collaboration and well-being. Learn how you can get started in building a paperless office, try out Alfresco products today.

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