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Part of the BNP Paribas Group, Cetelem Slovakia is a leading financial services company specialising in consumer lending. Since its establishment in the Slovak market in 2000, it has provided more than 1.2 million consumer loans.

When BNP Paribas launched its global ‘simple and efficient’ initiative, Cetelem Slovakia took the decision to deploy a document management and eSignature program to improve its operating efficiency and kick off the launch of an innovative ‘mobile’ digital loan service to retailers.

Every year Cetelem processes, prints and archives 1.6 million sheets of paper relating to 100,000 consumer loan agreements. The paper intensive nature of the end-to-end financing process created significant operational challenges. Documents had to be printed and mailed out to retail partners and consumers for approval, which introduced delay and mailing cost for all concerned. Meanwhile, the completed consumer files were prone to loss or damage as these were moved manually through the back-office processing loop. 

To resolve this time-consuming and manually intensive processing challenge, Cetelem turned to Alfresco and its implementation partner Anasoft, to deploy electronic and mobile document management.

“Making the move to digitizing and validating consumer loan agreements at the point of sale was a trail blazing move,” confirms Pavel Kolarov, Chief Information Officer at Cetelem Slovakia. “When we began we weren’t even sure we’d achieve legislative acceptance but we were certain that DMS was a critical component of the e-Signature process when it came to ensuring no trace of documentation was ever held or retained on client systems. With Alfresco, we knew we had a route to managing this key security aspect.” 

The unique solution combines Samsung S-Pen tablets with Alfresco Mobile SDK to put information into the Alfresco repository. Alfresco also made it possible for Cetelem to use secure paperless workflow management for the complete contractual process — from generating the proposal to the signing of the contract, contract approval, safekeeping and archiving of documents.

The introduction of paper-free, loan processing has saved costs for all, eliminating the need to print paper forms, manually handle these and then archive. Agreements can be processed faster, distributed electronically and the entire workflow is fully auditable  Furthermore, final approved agreements can be securely and cost-effectively archived ready for instant retrieval and, thanks to powerful Alfresco workflows, Cetelem personnel have instant visibility of exactly where every agreement is in the system. 

To learn more about how Cetelem took paper-free processing of consumer loans to the next level by initiating eSignature, read the full case study here.

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