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The air is changing here in Northern California, as the daylight shortens, the nights get cooler and Autumn 2017 sets in.  With every change of season, I always seem to reflect back on the past year, and with so many recent developer centric events concluding, and gearing up, I thought it was a good time to acknowledge all of those efforts.  Not sure if 2017 was a strong developer year because of the North American Eclipse of not, but it could be… </bad pun>

Thinking back on 2017, it’s been a strong year in the developer community, and while it’s not over yet, there is positive momentum.  It was great to meet many community developers in Spain this past at April at BeeCon.  That was time well spent with great sessions and conversations.  Most recently, I was impressed with the number and quality of projects presented in the most recent Hackathon earlier in October.  It was great to see the list grow as there was a call for projects.  For those that missed it, there was an extended (>90 minute) Office Hours which included many demonstrations.  I made this video “required viewing” within the product management team as we are always looking for inspiration and ways to improve the product.  Ideally, I’d love to see some of these projects make it into the product and we have taken steps to make the contribution process easier.

I love seeing the steady stream of interesting topics in the Tech Talk Live and Office Hours events, as well as other demonstrations that are archived on our YouTube channel.  In addition, to see how these projects are made, I like to subscribe to many of the Alfresco projects in github.  I often find I send links to these when asked about topics from partners, developers and customers.  We have also taken a broader view of personas to include technical architects and devops, in addition to developers to address deployment, test automation, scaling, and security best practices, as we strive to support continuous integration and continuous deployment.

There continues to be great topics posted and conversation at for Alfresco Content Services, Alfresco Process Services, and the rapid releases of the Application Development Framework.  Some have also commented on the increased depth of documentation at as well as a single landing page to help newcomers at As more developers choose to deploy Alfresco in IaaS, we are happy to have updated the AWS Quick Start a few times over the past year with refinements and enhanced security. Speaking of AWS, it’s also exciting to posts for adding value to image content in an Alfresco repository using Kinesis Firehose, Rekognition, Lambda.

Also, I am very excited for the upcoming DevCon which will occur Jan 16-18, 2018 in Lisbon Portugal. The call for papers is now, so if there is a topic or project you are passionate about, I highly recommend you take this opportunity.  I look forward to sharing the latest product roadmap at DevCon and hearing from all of you what types of use cases you are addressing.  Overall, we want to do a better job of providing direction on each area of the roadmaps (Process Services, Content, Services, Governance Services, Applications Development, Analytics, etc.) to make it easier to plan your development and contributions.

But, this year is not over and if you want to get together with others interested in Alfresco, let us know how we may be able to help you host a MeetUp in your part of the world.

So, while 2017 continues on, there is a nice change in the air for our developers which reminds me why we are called Alfresco in the first place; It’s open and fresh, with the smell of clean air.

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