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Alfresco and AdobeThe process of reviewing and refreshing your website content is never ending. In fact, most organizations have a team of people working together much like little elves collaborating to complete the big project in time for the big day. This process becomes even more complex when the production team at the north pole and the outsourced web team are trying to share information on who is naughty and nice. The more people and more complex your organization is, the greater importance there is to have an easy way to find the content you need, accessible wherever you are.

CIGNEX Datamatics has an integration with Alfresco to Adobe InDesign to facilitate this process. Adobe Bridge is the medium between Alfresco and InDesign to extract metadata from content and maps it to the desired location in the content model. Adobe Drive allows a connection to the CMIS repository and the ability to connect it as a drive to your machine.  This functionality lets you browse Alfresco as if it were a folder structure on your local machine. Combine this with powerful search interface you can perform your own customizable CMIS calls to search for assets and then use the rendition services to display the same document within the document library of Alfresco Share.

Alfresco becomes the true content hub of your digital environment for a single way to manage your documents.  Adobe users can now control their information and manage their digital assets more effectively.

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