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More and more companies are saving time and money by managing content in the cloud. I recently spoke with Mojgan Lefebvre, SVP & CIO of Liberty Mutual’s Global Specialty business, about how they are using Alfresco Content and Governance Services on AWS to go faster and paper-free.


Sydney Sloan: Insurance is such a document-intensive business. What challenges did you face?

Mojgan Lefebvre: When we started Global Specialty, we wanted to create global productivity teams that could collaborate and leverage our scale in a digital manner. At the time, we had some tactical document management solutions, but they were siloed and outdated. There were a lot of performance issues and, frankly, a lot of end user complaints. Our data centers were located in the U.S., which made document access even slower for people thousands of miles away.

SS: What were some of the key requirements for your new content management solution?

ML: Cloud-native capabilities were a critical requirement because our objective was to deliver global document management capabilities that would be effective locally, whether the end user was in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, or North America. We also wanted to minimize delivery time, so the strong integration capabilities of CMIS and REST APIs were important. Having to re-write our core insurance applications was a non-starter.

SS: How did you quantify the financial impact of the solution, and what made Alfresco the right choice?

ML: Alfresco was the only solution that absolutely met our requirement for a cloud-native platform that was compatible with AWS, which was our preferred cloud vendor. Alfresco also had very strong references and a service organization that ensured we were getting the attention we needed as a Fortune 75 company.

For our first use case, we calculated around $21 million in savings over five years from lower paper, printing, and document storage costs. This number was enough for us to say, “Hey, let’s go forward with the Alfresco solution.”

SS: What other benefits has Liberty Mutual experienced with Alfresco on AWS? 

ML: This is the first time any group at Liberty Mutual has automated the build and deployment of an application to the cloud. We’ve taken a very modern approach that includes using Infrastructure as Code automation and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to help us reduce time to market. We can deploy a fully functional Alfresco environment onto AWS in just 30 minutes.

SS: What advice do you have for companies starting their journey to cloud-based content management?

ML: Don’t underestimate the amount of time required for regulatory discussions. Make sure your data privacy and compliance teams are comfortable with any production solution with real customer data in the cloud. We used this initiative to put our records retention policies in place and ensure compliance around the globe. As regulations like GDPR take effect, this has absolutely been a lifesaver for us.

SS: What’s next for your Alfresco ECM solution?

ML: Our first implementation in oil and gas was absolutely a hit with end users. We’ve started to extend the capability into other parts of our underwriting and claims organizations as well as other business units across Liberty Mutual. We’ve already taken 500,000 documents into the Alfresco on AWS environment, and we expect that number will grow to about 300 million documents by the end of 2018.

Mojgan appeared on our recent webinar on How to Quantify the Strategic Impact of Migrating Your Content to AWS, which provided clear insights into how our customers realize value from deploying Alfresco in the Cloud. Coupled with the Liberty Mutual example, we also invited experts from Forrester Consulting to underscore the value of Alfresco by reviewing results of the recent Total Economic Impact Study of Alfresco Content Services on AWS. Watch the webinar on-demand.

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