Spring Surf and OpenCMIS Integration

The video below demonstrates a prototype integration between Spring Surf and OpenCMIS.

Spring Surf provides a scriptable approach to building web applications. OpenCMIS provides a Java client library for accessing any CMIS compliant content repository. By combining the two, we create a development platform for building CMIS enabled web applications.

In the video, a simple web application called the CMIS Browser is shown against both Alfresco and eXo CMIS repositories. This is followed by a walkthrough of the CMIS browser code illustrating how Spring Surf and OpenCMIS are used. As you’ll see, it doesn’t require many lines of code.

Note: Select the HD version of the video for a clear view of the code.

The Spring Surf and OpenCMIS integration is “a work in progress” with code still under development. As new capabilities are added, I’ll follow up with updated videos. Feedback is welcome

6 thoughts on “Spring Surf and OpenCMIS Integration

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  5. Abu al-Sous

    Great presentation,

    I checked out the source code from SVN (DEV_CMIS2) and tested and it works with the exception for the Java Web Scripts code; it didnot work,
    I had to edit spring-cmis-framework-context.xml and change the spring beans namse to webscript.org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.content.get
    and to

    It seems you left the old name there.

    Again, many thanks for the work;m good job


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