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Market conditions are changing and traditional enterprise boundaries are fading with effective collaboration becoming more critical than ever.

We recently asked 1,600 business and IT decision makers from eight countries about the daily challenges they face around content and collaboration and how they plan to leverage the extended enterprise to grow their business.

The results validate what we have been hearing from our customers all along. Business users aren’t turning to cloud applications and their own collaboration solutions in revolt against IT, but just the opposite! They desperately want and need IT’s help finding a solution, Everyone wants the same thing – an easy to use, secure document sharing tool that makes collaboration easy.

Of those decision makers surveyed, only 18% think their company effectively shares knowledge in their organization – and 70% say they see an increasing trend of employees using their own personal collaboration tools (work and personal e-mail, USB sticks and instant messaging) for sharing business documents.

Of course, this isn’t good for security of the documents themselves or company networks, which ultimately causes everyone heartburn. Of the IT users surveyed, 40% said they consider compliance the biggest challenge when it comes to sharing documents.

Employees said they turned to their own solutions largely out of frustration with the limitations of existing content management tools. The majority of business users (84%) said they have experienced issues with sending and exchanging large files over the past 12 months.

They are also frustrated by managing e-mail volumes (49%), time spent looking for documents (44%) and the number of different versions of documents (38%).

IT is listening, but needs to move faster. Of the IT workers surveyed, 49% said they proactively encourage employees to use their own cloud-based applications to collaborate at work, but only 28% of employees said they believe IT is responsive to addressing change.

An overwhelming 89% of business users said they want a single, secure connection to document sharing tools. Business users need IT’s help finding a solution, but they have to first help them understand the business value of what they need so that they can find the best fit.

Do you agree or disagree with the survey data? Share your feedback with us here and download our new eBook to learn more about the 2013 Connected Enterprise Survey results!

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