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Despite all of the emerging technology and new breed of software-based records management (RM) solutions, the truth is – most records managers still manage paper records in offline repositories like file cabinets and paper ledgers.

This is especially true for federal agencies, which face many challenges when it comes to RM because of all the unique requirements with which they must comply.

All federal agencies must define and maintain an approved file plan for managing classified records and supporting the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, for example.

Records management capabilities within the Department of Defense (DoD) must not only comply with standards for RM applications set in DoD 5015.02, but must also be able to deliver content for all discovery requests. Additionally, RM systems must make it easy for records manager to quickly collect metadata, categorize and maintain official records.

At a recent technology conference, Virginia-based Strategic Operational Solutions (STOPSO) – shared how they have begun implementation of a full-scale records management solution for the Joint Chiefs of Staff based on Alfresco enterprise content management.

This distributed RM solution includes multiple connected repositories and is the only open source solution currently being used by the DoD that provides DoD 5015.02 certified and validated capability.

The agency needed a secure solution that could help them consolidate redundant systems, share common services across the enterprise to foster innovation, and improve collaboration and decision making by simplifying the process of accessing critical information.

STOPSO and the DoD chose Alfresco because it allows intellectual property and data rights to be maintained exclusively with the data owners and has the ability to easily and cost-effectively scale to a massive enterprise level.

The agency also wanted an open solution that could be deeply customized at every level of the organization.

Since implementation, the DoD has reported a cost savings of almost 40% related to operations and maintenance compared to their existing system.

You can view Brian Campo’s presentation here.


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