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Alfresco Embraces Amazon EKS

Date: November 18, 2018
Author: Harry Peek
Category:Digital Transformation

Changing Deployment Needs:

With Alfresco Content Services 6.0, a core part of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform, we added a containerized deployment option for Docker & Kubernetes for fast and standardized deployments across all environments.

A growing number of customers request containerized deployment options, as they enable development and operations teams to move faster and deploy software more efficiently. Containers provide a consistent environment and support DevOps to accelerate development from the test environment through a staging system on to production.

New Enhancements:

With Alfresco Content Services (ACS) 6.1, we’ve focused on enhancing the experience even further on AWS by adding a reference deployment of ACS (Enterprise) specifically for Amazon’s Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, EKS. This new deployment option also makes use of other native AWS services such as  Amazon S3, Amazon Aurora, Amazon MQ, Amazon CloudFormation.

It’s built with a main CloudFormation (CFN) template, which simplifies provisioning and will spin up sub-stacks for a VPC, Bastion Host, EKS Cluster and Worker Nodes (including registering them with the EKS Master) in an auto-scaling group.

The new reference deployment will allow customers familiar with AWS & EKS to very quickly create a deployment of ACS on AWS for test and development or to form the basis of a production deployment that can be customized to your specific needs.

In addition to this new deployment option, we’ll continue to offer containers for use with Docker.  For those customers that prefer a more traditional way of installing Alfresco Content Services or the Community version, we continue to deliver the WAR files for a manual deployment.

Try it out:

Existing Alfresco customers

Not yet a customer?

Learn how to get started with Alfresco on AWS.

You can also explore more about the ACS 6.1 product release here.  


We will continue to improve and evolve this deployment option. We welcome your thoughts on this AWS deployment for Alfresco Content Services.


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