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Learnings from Platform Disruption Webinar with Pitney Bowes

Date: April 23, 2018
Author: Judith Rich
Category:Digital Transformation

Last week's webinar on Platform Disruption, featuring industry expert and author, Sangeet Paul Choudary and Pitney Bowes' Director of Software Engineering, Kyle Pause brought up relevant trends for companies to consider.  While it may be widely known that platform thinking helps modern companies truly bring their enterprises into the digital era, we talked specifically about the ways platforms are helping transform business and organizational models the way we know them, and the prominent role that machine learning is playing in most industries.


We then explored a specific example by hearing from our customer, Pitney Bowes who first-hand illustrated how implementing a digital business platform through Alfresco's services enabled 1 million of their clients to better access their innovations across shipping, mailing and digital commerce. Kyle discussed the importance of setting up their platform on a cloud-enabled infrastructure, which Alfresco fully supported through our partnership with AWS. It was then great to see how through the open nature of the platform, Pitney Bowes was able to integrate with other API-led applications that further enhanced the functionality and efficiency of their offering to customers.

If you missed this informative session, we encourage you to explore the on-demand version: PLATFORM THINKING: the IT Innovator's strategy for modernization and business transformation.

Also, please join us in further discussing the topic of platform disruption on our social channels via Twitter and LinkedIn by using hashtags #platformthinking #platformdisruption, as well as connecting with Sangeet and Kyle directly.


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